Samsung Electronics’ 3rd division head… all stranded with retention

Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong was released on parole in August, and it is expected that Vice Chairman Lee will choose ‘stability’ in the first Samsung group president’s appointment.

Samsung Electronics has decided to minimize the personnel factors of the CEO, such as retaining the representatives of all three business divisions. Instead, it is expected that some exceptional personnel will be made, such as the selection of young talents from the executive level.

According to industry sources on the 30th, Samsung Electronics held a regular board meeting on the same day to deliberate on issues related to investment and social contribution (CSR). Usually, the regular board of directors meeting before the end of the year discusses the agenda for the replacement of inside directors. Currently, Samsung Electronics has five executive directors, including Vice Chairman Kim Ki-nam (DS Division), Kim Hyun-seok (CE Division), Koh Dong-jin (IM Division), Han Jong-hee, president of the image display business, and Choi Yun-ho, president of the Business Support Office (CFO). am. Kim Ki-nam, vice chairman, Kim Hyun-seok, and Koh Dong-jin are also co-CEOs. It was confirmed that at the board meeting that day, there was no discussion about the replacement of inside directors. It is interpreted to mean that the representatives of the three existing divisions will lead Samsung Electronics next year as well. An official from the business world interpreted it as “a situation that requires mature leadership to prepare for the post-corona era.”

In particular, in the case of electronic affiliates, including Samsung Electronics, it is analyzed that there is not much demand for personnel from the president. This is because the head of the memory and foundry divisions, which are core business units, changed to 50 last year, and the heads of display and SDS were also replaced.

However, some CEOs are expected to change in finance and other affiliates. What attracts attention is the executive level personnel. In the personnel system innovation plan announced on the 29th, Samsung Electronics emphasized that it will nurture young executives at an early stage by boldly hiring talented people regardless of age.

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