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Samsung Electronics was the first Korean company to receive the highest grade for 11 consecutive years in the ‘2021 Shared Growth Index Evaluation’ selected by the Shared Growth Committee.

Although not a few companies receive the top grade every year, Samsung Electronics is the only company to have received the top grade for 11 consecutive years since 2011, when the win-win growth index evaluation was introduced. Last year, it was also chosen as the ‘Best Honorary Company’ given to a company that received the highest grade for three consecutive years.

The win-win growth index is a quantitative index that evaluates and quantifies the level of win-win growth for each company each year to promote win-win growth between large and small businesses.

Samsung Electronics conducts various win-win cooperation activities under the core value of ‘Pursuing Win-win and Jeong-Do Management’, and expands the horizon of win-win cooperation by supporting not only primary suppliers, but also secondary and tertiary. suppliers, as well as non-traded SMEs. .

□ Substantial financial support such as cash payment to suppliers, win-win funds, incentives to suppliers, etc.

In 2005, Samsung Electronics became the first Korean company to pay the transaction amount to a partner in cash, taking the lead in improving the payment culture for transactions by domestic companies.
In 2017, we established a price support fund (KRW 500 billion) to support transactions between primary and secondary suppliers, and in 2018, we established a price support fund dedicated to tertiary suppliers (KRW 300 billion) so that the transaction amount between suppliers. be paid in cash within 30 days interest free loan.
In addition, not only raw material prices but also the increase in the minimum wage are reflected in the supply unit price.

Since 2010, Samsung Electronics has established a win-win fund worth 1.4 trillion won to provide low-interest loans to partner companies for technology development and facility investment.

In addition, since 2010, KRW 500 billion in incentives have been paid to semiconductor suppliers to prevent safety accidents and improve quality.

□ Support for innovation of partner companies such as manufacturing/quality, competitive cost, and technology

Through the ‘Consulting Centre’, a win-win collaboration academy comprising experts in manufacturing, quality, development and purchasing, Samsung Electronics supports factory and manufacturing operation optimization and quality innovation by discovering and improving partner companies’ problems such as reduced productivity and defects. In addition, Samsung Electronics’ cost innovation cases accumulated over the years are transferred to partner companies, helping to improve cost competitiveness by improving inefficiencies and reducing costs. For the past 9 years, we have provided consulting services to over 1,600 partner companies free of charge.

In addition, in order to support partner companies to discover future growth engines, we have been holding technology briefings to introduce technologies owned by domestic universities and research institutes since 2009. It was given away free of charge no.

Since 2013, we have contributed about 20 billion won to the ‘joint investment technology development project’ together with the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups.

□ Support to develop human resources by training 160,000 employees of partner companies and employing 4,500 people

The ‘Win-Win Cooperation Academy’, established in 2013 by Samsung Electronics for shared growth with business partners, is a ‘consulting center’ that supports business partners’ innovation and an ‘education center’ that supports courses education such as innovation, job, technology, and leadership. , and the ‘Youth Work Centre’ which supports the recruitment of talent from partner companies that have difficulties in securing talent.

▲Introductory training for new employees ▲Future managers ▲Manufacturing/quality/purchasing/marketing job training, etc. Various training programs were provided to 160,000 employees of partner companies, such as job training for Samsung employees. The recruitment of 4,500 people was supported through the

In particular, from the second half of this year, it has been developed into a ‘tailored comprehensive consultancy for business partners’ which efficiently supports consultancy/education/recruitment support activities which have been implemented separately in the past.

□ Support for manufacturing innovation, such as building a smart factory

Since 2015, Samsung Electronics has supported the construction of a customized smart factory for poor SMEs manufacturing innovation It provides comprehensive support for manufacturing site innovation, workforce training, and subsequent management. To this end, Samsung Electronics and the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups will invest a total of 100 billion won and 10 billion won each year until 2022.

From 2020, in order to overcome the ‘COVID-19’ crisis, emergency support for productivity and quality improvement has been launched for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) producing masks, diagnostic kits, and minimum residual vaccine syringes (LDS) , which are essential products for quarantine and health protection, there is a bar

According to a survey conducted by the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses in March, SMEs that introduced smart factories had a higher operating profit of 37.6% per year, sales of 11.4% per year, and the number of employees by 3.2% percent than those of SMEs that they did not. .

□ Samsung, ‘Let’s go into the future together! Enabling People’

Samsung’s ‘Let’s go to the future! Under the CSR vision of ‘Enabling People’, we conduct social contribution activities and win-win activities that focus on youth education.

For activities focused on youth education, ▲Samsung SW Youth Academy ▲Samsung Dream Class ▲Samsung Junior SW Academy ▲Samsung Smart School implement programs that help young people reach their full potential.

In addition, we share with our society the technology and innovation knowledge that Samsung has gathered through win-win programs such as ▲Samsung Future Technology Promotion Project ▲Smart Factory ▲C Lab Outside.

▲Samsung Electronics became the first Korean company to receive the highest grade for 11 consecutive years in the ‘2021 Shared Growth Index Evaluation’ on the 21st. The photo shows representatives of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and officials who attended the ‘2022 Smart Factory Kickoff Event’ held at Samsung Electronics Gwangju Campus on the 2nd, looking around the Precision Mold Center.

▲Samsung Electronics became the first Korean company to receive the highest grade for 11 consecutive years in the ‘2021 Shared Growth Index Evaluation’ on the 21st. The photo shows officials explaining Samsung Electronics’ open patent at the ‘2022 1st Excellent Technology Briefing’ held at the Suwon Convention Center in Gyeonggi Province in June

▲Samsung Electronics became the first Korean company to receive the highest grade for 11 consecutive years in the ‘2021 Shared Growth Index Evaluation’ on the 21st. The photo shows the ‘introduction training for new employees of Samsung Electronics partner companies’ being held on the metaverse in March.

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