Samsung Electronics completed executive greetings, preparing for 2021 with global strategy meeting

Input 2020.12.06 09:11

Samsung Electronics, which has finished greeting executives in 2021, is expected to hold a global strategy meeting soon. The meeting is attended by domestic and foreign presidents and executives to discuss next year’s business strategy.

Samsung Electronics Seocho office building. /yunhap news

According to Samsung Electronics and the business community on the 6th, Samsung Electronics will hold a global strategy meeting after completing executive personnel greetings on the 5th and reorganization in next week. In the case of previous years, the most influential date is between the 14th and 18th.

The Samsung Electronics Global Strategy Meeting is held in June and December every year. It is a place where domestic and foreign executives gather in one place to check the situation by sector and share new business plans. Normally, the global strategy meeting in December is held after the appointment of executives who will lead the company in the following year, and the heads of overseas subsidiaries also return. However, this year, executives staying abroad in the aftermath of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) are expected to participate in remote meetings.

The Global Strategic Meeting will be presided over by Ki-nam Kim, Vice Chairman of Device Solutions (DS), Hyun-Seok Kim, President of Consumer Electronics (CE), and Dong-jin Ko, President of IT·Mobile (IM). The big frame is divided into a’set’ division that combines IM·CE in charge of finished products, and a DS division in charge of semiconductors and parts. As Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong has not attended so far, it is highly likely that he will not attend this year.

The main subject of discussion in the set division is expected to be the global launch plan of new Galaxy foldables, QLED TVs, and Bespoke refrigerators. As DRAM prices are bottoming out, the memory strategy in 2021 and measures to strengthen businesses related to the foundry (consignment production) field, which is fiercely competing with TSMC in ultra-fine processes, are also expected to become key agendas.



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