Samsung Electronics’ executive generation change… A number of executives in their 30s and vice presidents in their 40s were selected

Samsung Electronics selected a number of ‘young leaders’ through year-end executive reshuffles, including a senior vice president in his 30s and a vice president in his 40s.

Samsung Electronics conducted a regular executive reshuffle, which included the promotion of 198 executives.

Of the 113 people promoted to managing director, four are in their 30s, including managing director Park Seong-beom, who is 37 years old this year.

In addition, out of 68 people who were promoted to vice president, 10 were in their 40s, the highest number ever.

This is also due to the removal of the executive position and the consolidation of vice president.

The average age of new executives is 47, almost the same as last year’s 46.9 years.

A total of 17 foreigners and female executives and vice presidents were promoted, an increase of 7 from last year.

Among them, only 12 new female executives were promoted to managing director.

Previously, Samsung Electronics announced an innovation plan for the ‘future-oriented HR system’ to select talented people regardless of age, such as abolishing the ‘period of stay by position’ and abolition of relative evaluation within departments when promoting employees.


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