Samsung Electronics Foldable Smartphone Corporate Sales Doubled YoY – Samsung Singapore Newsroom

Samsung Electronics’ corporate sales of foldable smartphones more than doubled compared to the same period last year.

Samsung Electronics announced that sales of the Galaxy Z Fold∙Z Flip series for business between January and October 2022 increased by 105% compared to the same period last year.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4, which were just released this year, contributed to sales growth.

Many companies that have introduced policies to work anytime, anywhere in the form of telecommuting after COVID-19 are integrating various technologies and solutions to maximize productivity.

In particular, the financial sector, which needs to monitor changes in the market in real time, has a high demand for the efficiency of mobile work, and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 just released this year is evaluated to meet these requirements.

Despite its portable size, the product provides a wider work area and ideal multitasking function through a large screen, providing higher work efficiency compared to existing smartphones.

In fact, up to three apps can be displayed on one screen at once, including two apps of the same size. For example, users can send emails from Gmail windows while viewing two Chrome browsers as if they were working at a desk with multiple monitor screens.

In addition, the ‘Taskbar’ function which supports multitasking like PC allows users to easily switch between apps, manage and run them without interrupting their work.

□ Strong partnerships to improve the experience of foldable devices

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is optimized for the Bloomberg Professional app which is optimized for financial services. Investment specialists provide an optimal working environment when using major programs as traders, analysts and portfolio managers.

It also supports DocuSign, which is used by 24 of the 25 Fortune 500 financial institutions. Users can quickly drag and drop email attachments into the DocuSign e-signature in multi-view mode, and use the S Pen mode and the dedicated Flex mode to sign and negotiate faster.

Meanwhile, global financial institutions often develop new solutions through IBM iX, a digital app design organization, and Samsung Electronics collaborates with IBM iX so that these advanced solutions can be optimized and used in the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

In fact, the financial solution developed through IBM iX is organically connected between the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and a PC through Samsung Dex, and data can be interacted with.

Samsung Electronics will continue to work with industry-leading partners to create new mobile experiences and continue to develop innovative foldable smartphone technologies.

▲ Corporate image logos of Bloomberg, DocuSign, and IBM, which have partnered with Samsung Electronics for foldables

▲ Image using the DocuSign solution available for the Galaxy Z Fold 4

▲ Image using IBM iX available for Galaxy Z Fold 4 and a solution developed by a financial company

▲ Image using IBM iX available for Galaxy Z Fold 4 and a solution developed by a financial company

▲ Image using Bloomberg Professional solution available for Galaxy Z Fold 4

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