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Samsung Electronics launched the ‘Custom Windless System Air Conditioner’ on the 20th, which provides a cooling solution customized according to the user’s lifestyle and installation space.

The dedicated windless system air conditioner is a customized product that can choose the type, number, and cooling capacity of the air conditioner according to the living space and the needs of the user.

If the outdoor unit applied to this air conditioner system is used, one outdoor unit can be used in combination with a minimum of 2 units and a maximum of 5 indoor units, not only the type of ceiling, but also the type of stand and wall mounted type. In the past, it was inconvenient to install system air conditioner and stand and wall type outdoor units separately.

In addition, this product has the advantage of being able to flexibly add or change air conditioners with one outdoor unit even if the size of the installation space changes due to moving, or if the number of families increases.
※ Only indoor and outdoor units of dedicated windless system air conditioner can be combined or added (model name: AH ** B *** 7**N)
At least two indoor units must be connected to one outdoor unit.
The maximum cooling capacity follows the capacity of the outdoor unit when the indoor unit is large, and the capacity of the indoor unit when the outdoor unit is large.

However, in the case of connecting stand-type indoor units in accordance with Korea Energy Agency regulations on the operation of efficiency control equipment, 4 or more indoor units must be connected for use.

Samsung Electronics will present ▲ ceiling type with a total of 7 capacities ranging from 13.0 to 58.5 m2 of cooling capacity, ▲ stand type with 4 capacities from 56.9 to 81.8 m2 and ▲ wall-mounted products with a capacity of 18.7 m2 . The launch price ranges from 4.91 million won to 10.49 million won depending on the combination.
※ Installation fee not included

The new dedicated windless system ceiling type air conditioner has a fine temperature control function in 0.5℃ increments, allowing users to set the optimal temperature. You can enjoy comfortable cooling by using the ‘Wind Mode’, where soft cool air comes out of the micro-holes on the wide windless panel.

To improve the inconvenience of ceiling-type air conditioners, which were difficult to control sanitation, ‘5 Step Easy Care’ applied to existing home ventless air conditioners and customized functions based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) ‘AI Clean’ and ‘Purpose. ‘Custom Comfort’ was also implemented

The 5th step of easy care is ▲ ‘Auto Dry’ which automatically dries the internal moisture after cooling is finished ▲ ‘Wash Clean’ which cleans and sterilizes the inside of the heat exchanger ▲ ‘Easy Open Panel’ which allows you to remove the front grill with a button ▲ ‘Diagnosis AI’ which checks the condition of the device itself, from the amount of refrigerant to the indoor unit’s motor and sensor/ outdoor ▲ Includes a filter that can be safely washed with water.

‘SmartThings Air Care’ is an AI cleaning function, which allows you to check indoor and outdoor air quality at a glance.

In addition, the dedicated AI comfort function detects indoor and outdoor environmental information such as temperature, humidity and air quality and automatically activates the cooling / cleaning / dehumidification modes according to the space. · It is convenient to activate the clean mode in advance or check if there are household appliances that have not been switched off from the outside.
※ All devices must be connected to Wi-Fi or other wireless network, and all devices connected to SmartThings must be registered with one Samsung account.
SmartThings is optimized for Samsung smartphones, and some mobile devices may have restrictions on use or some functions (RAM size: 2 GB or more)
Welcome & Away Care (Air Energy Saving Notification) uses smartphone geofencing and GPS to determine if each individual is close to a specific location, and performance may vary depending on the actual usage environment.
The above information may change due to software upgrades

All models of dedicated ventless system air conditioners are ranked 1st in terms of energy use efficiency.

Stand and wall type products that can be combined with windless ceiling type air conditioners also provide comfort in any place through the strong windless cooling performance, easy care, and dedicated AI comfort, which are the strengths. of Samsung fanless air conditioners.

Kang-hyeop Lee, Vice President of Samsung Electronics Home Appliance Business Division, said, “The windless ecosystem has been expanded one step further with a dedicated windless system air conditioner with enhanced user-tailored functions . We will continue to deliver the value of Bespoke, which delivers

▲ Samsung Electronics model presents the product ‘Dedicated Windless System Air Conditioner’ at the Samsung Digital Plaza Samsung Daechi Headquarters.

▲ Samsung Electronics model presents the product ‘Dedicated Windless System Air Conditioner’ at the Samsung Digital Plaza Samsung Daechi Headquarters.

▲ Samsung Electronics model presents the product ‘Dedicated Windless System Air Conditioner’ at the Samsung Digital Plaza Samsung Daechi Headquarters.

▲ Samsung Electronics model presents the product ‘Dedicated Windless System Air Conditioner’ at Samsung Daechi Main Branch of Samsung Digital Plaza.

▲ Product image of Samsung’s dedicated windless system air conditioner

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