Samsung Electronics unveils new high-performance premium notebook ‘Galaxy Book 3 Ultra’

(Siheung Times) At the ‘Galaxy Unpacked 2023: Share the Epic’ held by Samsung Electronics in San Francisco, USA on February 1 (local time), new premium notebooks ‘Galaxy Book 3 Ultra’ and ‘Galaxy Book 3 Pro’ ‘ is a series. discharge.

The new Galaxy Book 3 series offers three lines depending on usability.

The ‘Galaxy Book 3 Ultra’, a high-performance premium model with the highest specifications among the previous Galaxy Book series, the ‘Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360’ with a 360-degree rotating touchscreen and support for the S Pen, and the ‘Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360’ with a thin and light shell design, featuring the ‘Galaxy Book 3 Pro’.

“Samsung Electronics aims to maximize customers’ multi-device experience through the expanded Galaxy ecosystem,” said Noh Tae-moon, president of Samsung Electronics’ MX Business Division, which will deliver high productivity and creativity. “

◇ Galaxy Book 3 Ultra, a high-end laptop with high-performance computing power

The Galaxy Book 3 series has an upgraded CPU, GPU, and display to provide the best performance among the Galaxy Book series.

Equipped with the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors with improved graphics and app execution performance, you can enjoy faster work and better performance.

In particular, the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra has external graphics ‘Intel Core i9’ and ‘Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070’ for laptops, so it can perform activities that require high performance such as graphics work or high-end games smoothly.

In addition, although it is a high-spec notebook, it has portability with a thin thickness of 16.5mm and a light weight of 1.79kg.

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 is a product for content creators and supports a 40.6cm touchscreen that rotates 360 degrees and an S Pen, providing tablet and PC usability at the same time.

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro is an ultra-slim and ultra-light product, specifically, the 35.6cm product weighs only 1.17kg and is only 11.3mm thick, providing compact size and high portability . One inch (a non-statutory unit) can be converted to 2.54 cm, 40.6 cm to 16 inches, and 35.6 cm to 14 inches.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Book 3 series introduced the ‘Dynamic AMOLED 2X’ display used in Galaxy smartphones for the first time in the series.

With a 16:10 ratio, 3K resolution (2880 x 1800), and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, it provides the best AMOLED display experience among the Galaxy Book series, especially bright colors and clear picture quality in videos and games .

In addition, △ ‘ClearMR’ from VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association), a quality indicator for motion clarity, △ ‘DisplayHDR TRUE DU 500’, △ HDR quality certification standard, △ SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance)’s ‘Eye Care Display’, etc.

The audio performance of the Galaxy Book 3 series has also been greatly improved. The newly applied quad speaker system provides richer and clearer sound, and the studio-quality dual microphone and AI noise cancellation function provide more vivid call quality during video calls.

Basic usability like battery and charging has also been improved. The Galaxy Book 3 series adds convenience by providing a slim USB-C type universal charger, and the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra supports fast charging of up to 100W, which is improved compared to existing products.

◇ Increase productivity with a fast and smooth connection experience between Galaxy devices

The Galaxy Book 3 series supports a seamless connection with Galaxy mobile products quickly and easily.

First of all, the Galaxy Book 3 supports connection to a Galaxy smartphone via Microsoft’s ‘Phone Link’ app, greatly improving productivity.

You can send and receive messages and calls on your smartphone on Galaxy Book 3, and you can also run apps that are only installed on your smartphone on Galaxy Book 3.

You can easily run the most recently used Galaxy smartphone app from the Windows taskbar in Galaxy Book 3, and you can continue to view the web page you were viewing on your smartphone in the Galaxy Book 3 web browser .

If you want to connect to Wi-Fi through a Galaxy smartphone hotspot, you can turn on and connect to the hotspot with one click on Galaxy Book 3 without turning on the hotspot on your smartphone.

The Galaxy Book 3 also supports the ‘Samsung Multi Control’ function. This feature allows you to control your Galaxy smartphone or tablet using the Galaxy Book 3 keyboard and mouse.

By moving the cursor freely between the screens of the two devices, you can easily copy and paste text and images. Pictures or files can be moved conveniently with drag and drop.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Book 3 also added Samsung Pass for PC. Through this function, the website ID and password used on the Galaxy smartphone can also be used on the computer.

Additionally, you can use the ‘Expert RAW’ app on your Galaxy smartphone to automatically send large capacity original photos taken on your Galaxy smartphone to the Galaxy Book 3. This enables convenient photo editing on a PC.

◇ Efforts for the sustainable daily life of customers

Samsung Electronics used recycled plastic from waste fishing nets and waste water bottles in some parts of the Galaxy Book 3 series.

Recycled plastic (PC, Polycarbonates) made using 20% ​​recycled material from waste water bottles was applied to the foot cover and back inner case of the Galaxy Book 3 Pro and Galaxy Book 3 Ultra series.

Recycled plastic (PA, Polyamide) made using 20% ​​recycled materials from waste fishing nets was applied to the inner case at the bottom of the display.

Received ECV (Environmental Claims Verification) verification from UL for the use of recycled materials (verification method: Environmental Claims Verification Procedure (ECVP) for Recycled Content, UL 2809 – Fifth Edition).

In addition, the ‘Dynamic AMOLED 2X’ display used in the Galaxy Book 3 series reduced VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions below the international standard, and received ‘Green Guard Gold’ from the US safety certification agency UL (Underwriters Laboratories) ‘Guard Gold)’ (accreditation standard: UL 2819 – 2013 Gold Standard for Chemical and Particulate Emissions for Electronic Equipment).

◇ Domestic pre-sales start on the 14th of the Galaxy Book Ultra, and the official release is on the 22nd.

Samsung Electronics will start pre-selling the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra in Korea from February 14. The official release date is February 22.

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro series starts pre-sale in Korea from February 2, and the official release date is February 17th.

The Galaxy Book 3 Ultra is 40.6 cm tall and comes in graphite colour.

The Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 comes in two sizes, 40.6 cm and the Galaxy Book 3 Pro, 35.6 cm and 40.6 cm, and comes in two colours, graphite and beige.

Depending on the specifications, the price of the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra starts at 3.47 million won, the Galaxy Book 3 Pro starts at 1.88 million won, and the Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360 starts at 2.59 million earned.

During the pre-sale period, Samsung Electronics plans to provide various purchase benefits such as storage capacity upgrades, Microsoft Office packages, laptop pouches, and content subscription services.

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