Home Tech Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is the fastest Speed ​​type, price only 11,990 baht

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is the fastest Speed ​​type, price only 11,990 baht

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Launch of the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G, a new smartphone species Strength of every specification, outstanding with design The fastest features and innovations in the A-series family, whether it is the latest chipset, the Snapdragon 750G, comes with 8GB of RAM, a 5G-fast connection and a 5,000 mAh battery that can be used all day. For you to own for only 11,990 baht

Super fast, strongest on the latest chipsets Snapdragon 750G

The Galaxy A42 5G is a smartphone that is designed to reflect the individuality of a young generation who demands speed, challenges and limitations. With the performance of the chipset Snapdragon 750G It comes with an 8-core processor, brain (Octa-core), a maximum speed of 2.2 GHz, enabling faster processing, 8GB of RAM, and 5G signal, all of which contribute to faster and faster processing. Like most games With realistic graphics display Fast and strong operation Flow without interruption In order for users to perform their best in every important match, the Samsung Galaxy A42 5G is also available for game downloads or up to 128GB of internal storage and can be expanded with additional storage capacity via a microSD card.

Fast download at 3,700 Mbps with 5G technology

Delivering innovations that will revolutionize people’s lives with 5G technology with Galaxy A42 5G, users will be able to enjoy communication through a fast and strong connection. In mid-range smartphones From the ability to download and upload high-definition content via 5G signal that can support up to 3,700 Mbps by this smartphone It will make the experience of watching high definition live streaming content drastically changed. With clear real-time images without lag or even quick downloads of movies, series, video clips, major sports matches in seconds.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G price

Fast charge, durable battery, continuous use 27 hours

Users can experience unlimited entertainment through the 6.6-inch Infinity-U screen with Super AMOLED technology for clear, striking colors. Immerse yourself in all content on Netflix or YouTube with the feeling of being in the cinema. And do not have to worry about watching the series continuously and the battery will run out because Galaxy A42 5G comes with a battery that has a capacity 5,000 mAh It can be used continuously for up to 27 hours and also supports 15 watts fast charging, allowing users to enjoy entertainment on smartphones as much as possible all day. Without having to carry heavy power banks

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G price

Enjoy taking pictures all in one device.

The Galaxy A42 5G is also a reflection of the people who love technology and social world. By presenting up to 4 rear cameras to meet all shooting styles Whether it is a 48 megapixel main camera, you can capture high-quality, sharp images ready to use in any situation. Ultra Wide 8-megapixel camera to capture a 123-degree wide-angle image with clear, blurry faces, unbeatable with a 5-megapixel Depth Camera, including small details The close-up angle can be seen with a 5 mega-pixel macro camera. This smartphone can definitely answer the question.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G price

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G The latest 5G smartphone from Samsung Ready for you to experience the strong speed from today, available in 3 colors: Prism Dot Black, Prism Dot White and Prism Dot Gray. Price only 11,990 baht

You can follow more details at www.samsung.com/th/smartphones/galaxy-a/galaxy-a42-5g-black-8-gb-sm-a426bzkhthl Tell me galaxies fans do not miss!

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