Samsung ‘Galaxy Z Fold 2’ One UI 5.0 2nd Beta Update Released

On the 1st, Samsung Electronics released the OneUI 5.0 2nd beta update based on Android 13 for the old foldable smartphone ‘Galaxy Z Fold 2’.

According to the improvements revealed by Samsung, in this 2nd beta update, ▲ internet is not used in other devices when running the mobile hotspot ▲ A network error occurs when running Melon by connecting to S-Link ▲ Fixed a bug where the widget disappears on reboot after smart widget setup is done.

In addition, ▲ icon text is cut off when activating popup mode ▲ automatic brightness setting does not work ▲ In addition to home screen blurring when moving the home screen while in use, various other improvements have been made u content.

Meanwhile, Samsung plans to deliver the official OneUI 5.0 update to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in December.

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