Samsung has done it again … Lee Jae-yong’s 5G business hit another jackpot in the US

Samsung supplies 5G equipment to Comcast, the No. 1 cable in the United States
Successfully won an order from the largest cable operator in the US 5G network equipment market

After a two-week overseas business trip, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong returned to Korea via Gimpo Business Aviation Center in Seoul on the 21st and answered questions from reporters. photo = Yonhap News

It has achieved tangible results in the 5G (5G) communication equipment business, which Samsung Electronics has chosen as a new growth engine.

Samsung Electronics announced on the 22nd that it has been selected as a 5G communications equipment supplier for Comcast, the largest cable operator in the United States. The 5G communications equipment sector was selected by Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong (pictured) as the ‘4 big growth businesses of the future’ along with artificial intelligence (AI), bio, and electronic components that focus on semiconductors.

Samsung Electronics has been forming constant partnerships with global telecommunications companies. It has previously signed 5G equipment supply contracts with global mega carriers such as Verizon, a mobile operator in the US in 2020, DC Network in the US in 2022, Vodafone in the UK in 2021, KDDI in Japan in 2021, and Airtel in India in 2022.

Comcast, which signed this supply contract, is the No. 1 cable operator in the United States, founded in 1963, and provides various services to subscribers such as Internet, cable TV, home telephone, and mobile. It has the widest Wi-Fi coverage in the entire United States. In 2017, he entered the mobile communication business using Wi-Fi hotspots and the wireless network rental (MVNO) method of the existing mobile operators. In particular, in September 2020, the company was able to obtain a license in the 3.5GHz band frequency auction (CBRS) and is investing in building a 5G network.

The two companies successfully completed a field test to build a commercial 5G network in the United States earlier this year. From 2023, it plans to provide high-quality 5G commercial services such as video streaming, multimedia file transfer, and online gaming.

Samsung Electronics will supply various communication equipment such as △5G mid-band (3.5GHz ~ 3.7GHz, CBRS) base station △5G low-band (600MHz) base station △wire-mounted small cell for the construction of Comcast’s 5G commercial network in the United States. Among them, the ‘small wire-mounted base station’ is an integrated solution that provides base station, radio and antenna functions in a single form factor. It is a product that has significantly improved data processing capacity by approx. twice compared to existing products.

Through this, cable operators can easily install a base station on an existing cable, thereby reducing the burden of securing installation space. The latest 2nd generation 5G modem chip reduces power consumption per cell by up to 50%. Given the characteristics of wiring that is exposed to the external environment, a sensor is installed that automatically detects and notifies the base station when it deviates from its installation position due to external factors such as weather changes.

“Comcast’s order is the result of Samsung Electronics’ relentless challenges and efforts for advanced 5G technology and innovation,” said Jeon Kyung-hoon, head of Samsung Electronics’ Network Business Division. We will continue to work hard to realize the communication vision. “

“Comcast continues to strengthen its services to provide better value to our customers,” said Tom Nagel, Senior VP, Business Development Strategy, Comcast. We will deliver a higher level of mobile experience to our customers through collaboration with Samsung Electronics.”

A Samsung Electronics official added, “Through this order, we have prepared a bridgehead for entering the 5G mobile communications market for US cable operators in the future.

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