Samsung launches 2023 Neo QLED TV 8K, offering ultimate clarity

Samsung, the world’s number one TV sales leader for 17 years and the world’s number one soundbar sales leader for 9 years, organized a Live Streaming event to officially launch the Samsung Neo QLED TV 8K in 2023 for the first time in Thailand, introducing a new version of premium television standard. for the ultimate viewing experience, picture and sound Strengthening the hot premium TV market And consumers are looking for bigger screen TVs. Samsung expects Neo QLED TV sales to double. And sales of large screen televisions, 75 inches or more, grew by 60% by the end of the year.

The press conference was led by two executives, Ms. Jennifer Song, president of the company, and Mr. Suwin Kosi-Amnuai, head of the electrical equipment business group. And audiovisual business director, Thai Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd, together with Bright-Noraphat Vilaiphan, Ice-Busakorn Suwannin or iCeQueeniiz, famous gamers and diamond PK-Piyawat Khem

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Ms. Jennifer Song, President of Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. It was revealed, “The launch of the Samsung Neo QLED TV 8K and OLED TV, which is Samsung’s flagship TV line-up this year. It is considered to be the ultimate presentation of premium television innovations. to provide an experience that will make users feel “Wow! more than ever”, consistent with the start of the year. where Samsung has announced a Live A New Day marketing communication strategy for all lifestyles to use modern home appliance technology Meet all the needs in an ever-evolving world. Samsung develops product technology to make life easier and happier for consumers. Therefore, the launch of 2023 Samsung Neo QLED TV 8K and OLED TV today will meet the ultimate entertainment needs. Moreover, this year, Samsung has also installed a Built-In IoT Hub in the TV model launched this year with the Matter standard that allows controlling the use of other equipment through the TV through SmartThings applications turning your TV is the center of home management.”

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Mr Suwin Kosi-Amnuai, electrical appliance business group head and video and audio business director, Thai Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Continues to say, “Overall, the TV market in 2022, consumers are increasingly responding to premium TVs. which has increased 1.9 times since 2021 as a result of people looking for better technology and larger screen sizes. Moreover, 8K content is becoming more and more close to us these days, whether it’s YouTube, 8K-enhanced games, or even smartphones that shoot 8K-clear TV video that meet the needs of watching content or playing games In addition, consumers are increasingly inclined to switch to larger screen televisions. Last year, TV screens of 75 inches or more accounted for 8.4% of all TV sets in Thailand. It is expected that this year’s share will increase to 12% For Samsung itself, it tends to grow in the same direction as the general market. By setting a target for sales of large screen TVs 75 inches or more to grow 60% by the end of the year and after launching the Samsung Neo QLED TV 8K in 2023, Samsung expects to receive good feedback from consumers and push TV sales. Neo QLED to double by the end of the year

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The most advanced clarity technology ever. Samsung Neo QLED TV 2023 #WOW

The 2023 Neo QLED 8K is the pinnacle of Samsung’s best TV technology ever. Whether it’s a screen that supports up to 8K resolution with 33 million screen pixels, four times the number of 4K screens, the small Quantum Mini LED technology helps control the blacks in the spotlight. Combined with Quantum Dot technology that helps boost colors to be fresh and realistic. It also has a new state-of-the-art 8K Neural Quantum Processor chip. Including Samsung being the first TV brand in the world to be certified Pantone Validated for accurate colors in tones and skin tones. And what can’t be missed is the Cinematic Experience with perspective. Ultra-Viewing Angle allows no matter where you sit and watch from any angle, you can still watch realistic images. family friendly or a large group of friends including Anti-Reflection screen Reduces glare on the TV. It comes in a design called Infinity Q Screen, which allows you to see content on a virtual screen without borders with a One Connect box that can connect all cables in one place. And the Ultra Slim Metal Stand TV stand is a beautiful looking design. Suitable for all home styles With Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony 3.0 sound systems that allow the TV to work with the soundbar to create a flawless sound system, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K QN900C model is available in 3 size: 65″ 75″ 85″.

Samsung Neo QLED TV 2023: The Best Gaming TV

Appease gamers with Gamebar 3.0, which has a GameView Super Ultrawide feature, whether it’s adjusting the Screen Ratio to see a wider view up to 32:9 or choosing Minimap Zoom to see the entire game map and share it only Map to open another screen. With updated features for gamers that can support frame rates or refresh rates as high as 120 Hz for 8K models and up to 144Hz for 4K models and also support for AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, the highest level of AMD FreeSync, that meet the highest standards ■ Modern games make playing games with fast moving animations. and the image is not torn Makes playing games more fun Including applications for watching complete movies and series such as YouTube 8K, Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Go, Viu, iQiYi, AIS Play, TikTok and the Disney + Latest Hotstar.

Samsung OLED TV #OLED is better


Samsung OLED TV, clear images with up to 8.3 million pixels, comes with a 4K Neural Quantum Processor chip, a 4K resolution that shows better colors and brightness. provides deep black color Pure White and all other colors with vibrant tones, along with the Quantum HDR OLED + with Brightness Boost feature to boost brightness and contrast to the highest level. Make every detail clearer and more realistic The Samsung OLED TV is certified by PANTONE, a world class color standard certifier. That has more than 2,000 accurate colors of the Samsung OLED TV model S95C, which is available in 3 sizes: 77 “, 65” and 55 “

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“Samsung is keeping its commitment. ‘Sustainability Every Day’ since choosing the ingredients. Manufacturing processes with chemical control and renewable energy use In addition, distribution using environmentally friendly packaging Reduce the use of oil-based inks. and try to reduce the carbon footprint by making televisions more durable Provide better repair services And reuse materials or parts to reduce the impact on the environment. Samsung has recently developed the world’s first rechargeable remote solar cell to reduce the use of disposable batteries. In addition, Samsung is also focusing on Accessibility Making TV available to everyone Vision improvement features developed on 2023 TV sets to help people with special visual needs. This decision has resulted in Samsung Relumino for Televisions winning the CES 2023 Accessibility Awards and four other CES 2023 Innovation Awards categories, reinforcing our leadership in premium television innovation in the world. ” Jennifer Mssummarize

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