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Samsung launches a new generation of 1.4μm 50Mp ISOCELL GN2 pixel sensor to achieve faster and more realistic autofocus – Samsung Newsroom Taiwan

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Dual Pixel Pro technology uses 100 million phase detection photodiodes
Realize faster and more accurate autofocus with excellent vertical and horizontal bidirectional phase sensing capabilities

Provide richer details and brighter colors with interlaced HDR solutions
Completely defeat real-time HDR, while reducing energy consumption by 24%

Samsung Electronics, the world’s leading brand in advanced semiconductor technology, has released a new 50Mp pixel sensor, Samsung ISOCELL GN2, with a larger single pixel size of 1.4μm. Surpassing the evolutionary technology of the previous generation ISOCELL GN1, GN2 can produce up to 100Mp of imaging, with Dual Pixel Pro technology to optimize autofocus performance, equipped with powerful interlaced HDR function, with the help of Smart ISO Pro to achieve more vivid and vivid imaging effects, easy to control any Light source environment.

Duckhyun Chang, Executive Vice President of Samsung Electronics Photosensitive Components Division, said: “ISOCELL photosensitive components and related technologies have made significant progress, providing image quality and performance comparable to high-end professional cameras. Samsung’s latest masterpiece ISOCELL GN2 is equipped with innovative omni-directional autofocus. The solution-Dual Pixel Pro, enhances the sensitivity of capturing wonderful moments. In addition, with the assistance of Smart ISO Pro and a series of advanced pixel technologies, GN2 can take more lifelike photos.”

In terms of image resolution, the 1/1.12-inch ISOCELL GN2 can be called an all-round sensor. GN2 has 50 million 1.4μm single-size pixels, which can generate extremely delicate photos under normal light source conditions. When shooting in low-light environments such as indoors, four pixels are combined into one, simulating a larger 2.8μm pixel to increase the amount of light, and produce brighter and clearer images.

For users who are pursuing details of the picture, or who often need post-production processing such as cropping images, ISOCELL GN2 can also shoot 100Mp resolution photos. In this mode, GN2 rearranges the color pixels through the intelligent Re-mosaic algorithm to produce a three-layer 50MP image of green, red, and blue, and then enlarges and synthesizes these images, and finally produces an ultra-high resolution of up to 100Mp Quality photos.

ISOCELL GN2 is Samsung’s first sensor to support Dual Pixel Pro technology, which is Samsung’s most advanced phase detection autofocus solution to date. Each pixel in the image sensor is equipped with two photodiodes. Dual Pixel Pro uses 100 million phase detection points to achieve ultra-high-speed autofocus. In addition, Dual Pixel Pro provides omnidirectional focusing by dividing the pixels into two. Not only does it use the same vertical division as Dual Pixel, but Dual Pixel Pro also uses diagonal division. Diagonal division helps to improve the focus performance of the top and bottom of the detection screen, and can achieve fast focus even when there is no change in the horizontal pattern. Since every pixel on the sensor can play a focusing role, ISOCELL GN2 has a better performance in low-light focusing and tracking moving objects.

When shooting under mixed light conditions, such as sunsets or indoor environments where sunlight is spilled from a window, ISOCELL GN2 can increase the dynamic range through the interlaced HDR function, which is a time-multiplexed HDR technology, gradually Rolling shutters (Rolling Shutters) exposure is performed on the pixel matrix, and multiple images are taken with short, medium, and long exposure times. By maximizing the dynamic range, it is ensured that the bright and shadow areas in the scene have richer details and more vivid colors, making it the best solution for high-contrast scene photography. Compared with the previous generation of real-time HDR, interlaced HDR can reduce the energy consumption of the sensor by 24%, thereby improving the energy efficiency of the overall imaging system.

In addition, ISOCELL GN2 also supports Smart ISO and Smart ISO Pro. Among them, Smart ISO can intelligently set the conversion gain value (Conversion Gain) of the sensor, and take pictures with the best ISO value; use low ISO in bright outdoor environment, and use high ISO in dark indoor environment. Unlike Smart ISO which uses a single ISO reading value from a photo, the evolved Smart ISO Pro uses an Intra-scene Dual Conversion Gain (iDCG) solution to read values ​​from both high and low ISO at the same time. To quickly generate images with higher dynamic range while reducing motion artifacts. In addition, in extremely low-light environments, Smart ISO Pro can quickly shoot and process multiple photos at high ISO, increasing the sensitivity to nearly one million ISO levels, and pushing mobile night photography technology to a whole new level.

GN2 not only makes the photo experience more fun and creative, captures moving moments with more dramatic effects, but also turns ordinary daily routines into epic short films. ISOCELL GN2 sensor supports FHD 480fps or 4K 120fps high-definition video recording, opening up unlimited possibilities for mobile video recording.

Samsung ISOCELL GN2 is currently in mass production.

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