Samsung Lions sluggish, cheering sketchbook inspection controversy ::::: Article

Falling into a losing streak, he even called a truck protest. Samsung Lions this time, fans’ cheering sketchbook was put under investigation.

Some communities and Samsung fan bulletin boards Last weekend at Daegu Samsung Lions Park Against the home fans entering the match against SSG Suspicion of inspecting the cheering sketchbook has been raised.

About the allegations raised in the game where the truck protests were held Some fans complained strongly, It was said that it was a harsh control over the cheering of young children. Points, etc. spreading to fan cafes and communities situation.

A Samsung official with an external security company In the process of guiding the fans’ position acknowledging that there has been some over-examination We will be more careful about fan convenience in the future. stated the position.

Samsung, which has many controversies amid sluggishness, The All-Star Game against KT Wiz from July 12th. The last three away matches will be played.

(Picture source online community)

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