Samsung Lions with no end in sight… Shocking 13 straight losses ::::: Knight

Samsung Lions with no end in sight of losing streak All the first and second rounds of 3 consecutive weekend matches against Kiwoom Heroes They lost and lost 13 in a row.

Ace Buchanan started on the 23rd In the match, Samsung tried to attack the opponent’s starting Yokishi. Failed and failed to draw a single point, and the score was 0-6. Conceive a game, set the record for most consecutive losses in the founding It has been extended to 13 games.

Starter David Buchanan was hit by a right hand on a ground ball and eventually withdrew from the mound with three runs after failing to complete four innings, while the batters failed to escape a losing streak by being tied up to the seventh by Kiwoom starter Yokishi.

Samsung had expectations for Koo Ja-wook’s return, but after the game the day before, he remained silent at every chance in the game on the 23rd and eventually recorded no hits in four at-bats, unable to even report his first hit on his return, and the team fell to ninth place for the first time since the start.

In the first game of the second half, which was played a day earlier, Samsung was led 0-1 in the ninth inning I dreamed of escaping from a losing streak by succeeding in a comeback, but The ending I believed in Oh Seung-hwan collapsed The tie was allowed, and in the end after overtime We lost the game 2-3.

Seunghwan Oh has a blow save in the last 3 games in a row. Amid the growing sense of crisis Samsung is the most reliable to the team with the start of the second half. Pitchers Won Tae-in and Buchanan started He gave up all the games and failed to reverse the mood, and it is still the first of July. There is no record of winning.

Kiwoom defeated foreign pitcher Appler as a starter in Game 3 In the midst of foretelling, 14 consecutive losses and a sweep crisis Samsung’s starting pitcher Yoon-dong Huh I’m looking for a reversal.

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