Samsung reveals the design concept of “The Freestyle”, a lifestyle projector from Samsung. Pre-orders are available from today.

Bangkok (January 25, 2022) – Samsung designers share the story behind the design of The Freestyle, an entertainment device in the form of a new pocket-sized screen. with high flexibility to fit the lifestyle of the new generation This makes it possible to freely convey the tastes and interests of users. Ready to open for booking in Thailand From today – 31 January

fun in every degree
Today, people around the world are turning to live more independently. from adapting to working without being bound by place and time We all needed flexibility in our lives and started looking for products that could help create a lifestyle that is not bound by physical constraints. and the monotony of living, working and doing activities

The Freestyle is a projector that allows users to enjoy a high quality screen anywhere, any way they want. It’s a pocket-sized device that doesn’t require installation and can be projected to any angle. as well “We design products to meet every application and arrangement,” said Chulyang Cho, a member of The Freestyle design team.

Unlike traditional box projectors, The Freestyle’s stand can be rotated up to 180 degrees. So users can watch high-quality content anywhere: on the table, on the floor, on the wall, or even on the ceiling. without the need for multiple products

The Freestyle comes with an automatic keystone adjustment feature. (auto-keystone) makes it possible to display the 16:9 aspect ratio screen anywhere without image distortion. The projector automatically adjusts the focus (auto-focus), resulting in sharp images from all angles. For comfortable viewing and allowing users to project the screen anywhere. from wall to ceiling

Samsung The Freestyle behind design story

Designed for you and only you.
Nowadays people are starting to reject the idea that one person can only have one personality. and believes that having a variety of personalities is a reflection of your true self. Like The Freestyle, the concept is more than just electronics. but can be changed from projector to lamp to create atmosphere as well

Jenung Lee, designer of The Freestyle, added: “Users can enjoy a broader experience through various accessories.” For example, users can experience a completely new image from above projected images. By connecting The Freestyle to a standard E26 lamp socket to hang the device from the ceiling.

It also comes with Ambient mode, allowing users to unleash their unique style through light and sound. It is a feature that can convey a variety of concepts through projected images to create a new atmosphere in the room. And there is also a transparent lens cover that changes the color tone of the image to match the user’s feelings.

Samsung The Freestyle behind design story

Built to meet every taste and usage
The Freestyle is designed with different tastes and preferences in mind. And there are many colors for users to choose from. “We are committed to creating devices that match the lifestyles and preferences of all groups of people,” added Ms. Minseon Kang, designer of The Freestyle.

The Freestyle’s exterior is made of soft rubber. to protect the product and keep it warm while using it. “With The Freestyle, we have introduced a new experience Created from understanding the viewing behavior of real users,” said Jenny Jong, Designer of The Freestyle.

The design with attention to every detail makes The Freestyle a versatile device. Can fit with all lifestyles Camping cables can use this device only with a backup battery that supports USB-PD and 50W/20V power, or a chill cable can change the room atmosphere with the Ambient Screen feature, and party cables can use different lighting modes. to add color to make the work come out as perfect as possible

Samsung The Freestyle behind design story

Designers from Samsung designed The Freestyle with a commitment to create a device where users can view the content they want from anywhere, at any time. with freedom of movement and a design that meets the lifestyle of the new generation

Don’t miss it. Register to receive a special discount code worth 1,000 baht to use in pre-orders (Pre-Order) The Freestyle, a lifestyle projector that will make you enjoy anytime, anywhere with your entertainment style. You can register to express your interest in purchasing at From today – 31 January only Those who are interested can see more product details at



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