Samsung S888 discount flagship Galaxy Z Flip3 selling price dropped to five thousand to find

When it comes to folding machines, everyone will think of Samsung. There are large-mount Galaxy Z Fold3 and fine-mount Galaxy Z Flip3. Huawei recently launched a lightweight P50 Pocket based on Galaxy Z Flip3. , But the price is not flat. The more expensive the home is, the more Samsung will sell it. Recently, I noticed that the original Galaxy Z Flip3’s selling price has dropped to 5,000, and there is also the S888 flagship U. Can it attract netizens to start?

This time I mainly want to talk about the parallel imports of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. Recently I noticed that the selling price of parallel imports has fallen to $4880-$5043 (depending on the color) for the flat 8GB + 128GB version. Transaction; and the 8GB + 256GB version, the latest selling price falls to $5440-$5500 (depending on the color).

As for the licensed goods, some friends have recently asked about it. If they see a certain price net selling at $6778, I can’t tell them. In fact, Fortress has done a limited time offer for Christmas before, and it’s reduced to $6798 with a designated credit card. The price is more than $680, but this offer is over; and Suning will also have a Trade in offer on or before December 31. If you buy a phone with a DBS credit card, you can buy the Galaxy Z Flip3 for $6678. It can be seen that there is a difference between the selling price of licensed and parallel imports by a few thousand bucks. Would you like to make a choice?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G was sold at $7798 at the time of the article. Click here for detailed specifications and the latest selling price.

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