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Samsung sends a new generation of audio-visual products Innovation for finding identity – Siamphone.com

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Samsung Introducing new 2021 audiovisual products including Neo QLED, MICRO LED, Lifestyle Screen, Monitors and Sound Bar at the online Unbox & Discover event. With the latest screen innovations that make working Communication And rest is more efficient Especially in an era when people spend more time at home

MICRO LED is ready to deliver a cinematic experience to your home.

With brilliance that contrasts with the deep blacks of tiny pixels, Micro LED technology is transforming the viewing experience. Allowing viewers to enjoy the image created from Inorganic LED which is burn-in resistant so the screen will remain vibrant throughout use.

Back in 2018, Samsung launched The Wall Luxury, an innovative screen giant. That comes with high picture quality You can choose the screen size you want, up to 292 inches for a visual experience like never before. And with the exclusivity of this type of screen It must be installed by a professional technician only.

TVs that use Micro LED technology for a more immersive home cinema experience. In a TV format with a beautiful design from every angle And the installation process is as simple as The Wall. MICRO LED TVs come in 110-inch and 99-inch screen sizes, available in Q2, followed by 88-inch and 76-inch screens in the future.

You can watch content on the MICRO LED up to 4 screens simultaneously with 4Vue (Quad View) feature, such as watching multiple sports channels at the same time or watching Walk-through while playing games. All of this is presented in a TV that comes with state-of-the-art technology, quality, and enormous screen sizes. To be able to immerse themselves in the realism of the image on MICRO LED through a large screen.

Samsung Neo QLED TV that meets all aspects of life.

Samsung has developed Neo QLED to enhance the viewing experience of any content. To meet the needs of consumers who have a variety of ways to use TV. The power of Samsung’s Neo Quantum Processor chipset and Quantum Mini LED are 40 times smaller than conventional LEDs, enabling precise light control. Can give a blacker color With even brighter brilliance and newly developed upscaling technology, the Samsung Neo QLED delivers a truly immersive visual experience. To be immersed in all content Whether it’s watching football Or playing games

Samsung Neo QLED has gaming features that are like a secret weapon in every victory, a Game Bar feature that allows gamers to quickly adjust the screen size to suit their games, and the Super Ultrawide GameView leverages the wide aspect ratio of the screen feature. Monitor to put it on the TV

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K (QN800A and QN900A) will be available in 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch sizes, while the 4K resolution models (QN90A and QN85A) will be available in multiple sizes starting at 50 inches.

TV technology That reflect the style both inside and outside the building

The Frame is a TV lifestyle that turns ordinary TV into a work of art. Which can be adjusted to suit your taste And home decoration comes with an Art Store that transforms the house into a private gallery With over 1,400 masterpieces of art from the world-famous gallery, The Frame 2021 offers up to 6 GB of memory, allowing you to store up to 1,200 images at UHD clarity. classic Or contemporary works To impressive photos Can allocate by yourself And can be modified at any time

The Frame 2021 comes with even more customization options. From installations like the Slim Fit Wall Mount to five frame options, you can choose to make The Frame stand out or blend in with your décor. In addition, The New Frame is just 24.9 mm thin, close to the size of the frame. real

For anyone thinking of cinema, The Premiere, the first Triple Laser 4K projector in the TV industry. Is another level of home cinema experience. Unlike conventional projectors Difficult to install And even with a large picture, it is less detailed than a regular TV. The Premiere is the best choice. With its simple, minimal design with curved edges and artful filing of fabric material. Suitable for any home at the same time, Samsung also offers accessories like a roll-away bracket. Which will go on sale on the Samsung.com website later this year, just this, The Premiere can be placed away from the wall or the scene. At least within 5 inches and leaned down to watch your favorite movie. With popcorn and drinks

The Terrace, the first outdoor TV from Samsung, offers the ultimate in picture technology. Powerful sound And intelligent features Even outside the house, The Terrace is resistant to humidity and dust at an IP55 rating, and it is easy to install and manually connect to it.

A screen for every need For creativity and fun

In 2020, monitors are becoming more and more necessary. Because many people want a screen that can meet more than one thing in a single device Make a screen that used to be for online shopping or social media. Became an important device For work, study and entertainment as well

To meet the needs of the modern generation, the Smart Monitor is the first monitor from Samsung that is versatile. Can be both a monitor and a TV Help users work more conveniently and have more fun all on one device. Wi-Fi, Wireless DeX and AirPlay 2 can be connected, allowing users to work from anywhere. Without connecting to a PC, with AirPlay 2 users can stream, control and share content from their iPhone, iPad and Mac to their monitors. Or in resting mode The same smart monitor can become a smart TV. Provides direct access to content on the streaming application.

The Odyssey G9, released in 2020, received a lot of good acclaim, making this year Samsung leverage its groundbreaking gaming monitor innovation with Quantum MiniLED technology and premium gaming features. The innovative 1000R curved display combined with Quantum MiniLED technology creates a unique gaming experience.The new Odyssey G9 will fill the Odyssey brand’s curved and flat screen gaming monitor line-up from Samsung.

FLIP, an innovative 75 ” interactive display for a new way of studying and working safely. It is a digital board that users can write, draw and solve. It comes with connectivity features for every success at work and study. At the classroom, at work or at home with easy-to-read 4K images. Allows teams of up to 20 people to work at the same time. By connecting personal devices to share content in real time, FLIP allows users to see presentations of colleagues or teachers. As if they were present in front of you Make collaboration easier While maintaining a distance, FLIP is designed to help teams work together. Create ideas And the exchange of ideas is smooth. The 75-inch FLIP is an extension of the original 55-inch line-up only.

Sound system worthy of the best picture technology

While Samsung TVs deliver superb sound from small internal speakers. But would not fight a home theater sound system from Samsung’s Q Series soundbar speaker line-up with technology Q Symphony combines the functionality of multiple speakers. To surround the audience with 3D surround sound and the soundbar can accurately assess the environment to deliver sound waves to the listeners.

The ultimate Samsung audio experience lies in the 11.1.4ch soundbar Q950A speaker, ready to immerse yourself in authentic sound.The new Bass Boost feature makes it possible to boost bass with just one touch. And meet the needs of people who play music from other devices It can be connected via the Tap Sound feature with just a tap. The Q950A soundbar is also compatible with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Bixby, giving you more control over your audio experience than ever before.

For those interested Details can be found at www.samsung.com/th


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