Samsung, who has lost 10 straight losses, sets a new record for the most consecutive losses in history ::::: Article

Samsung Lions, which is experiencing serious slump, The team’s record for most consecutive losses in 18 years Lost 10 in a row.

It was held at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the evening of July 12. In the ninth game of the season against KT, Samsung I saw hope, but I started at the end of the ninth inning one point ahead. Seunghwan Oh hits home runs against KT Baejeongdae and Alford He allowed it and lost 3-4.

In Samsung, the starting team Tae-in Won is ahead of the team. He pitched with 2 runs until the 5th inning, Pirella’s preemptive two-run homer and Jaehyun Lee’s just-in-time tarot from a tie It had a good flow.

The pitchers who came after Won Tae-in We were on the verge of victory without a score Oh Seung-hwan, who he believed in, collapsed and was defeated Samsung has not won a single win in July. Game difference with 7th place Doosan is 2 games It happened.

Since its inception, it has never suffered 11 straight losses. While Samsung desperately needs victory on the 13th Even Buchanan, who was supposed to be a starter, suffered an injury. Pil-Jun Jang comes out as the starting pitcher instead.

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