“Samsung’s best phone won at 1.6 million, original price is 610,000 won.” Samsung’s best filial son?” – The Herald Economy

Samsung Electronics Galaxy S23 Ultra. [박혜림 기자/rim@]

[헤럴드경제=박혜림 기자] “Samsung’s best phone won 1.6 million, parts cost is 610,000 won?”

The part cost of Samsung Electronics’ flagship galaxy s23ultra smartphone has been won by 61. Compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra released in the last 2021, the cost of parts has been reduced by 10 won. He is responsible for the profits of the MX division of Samsung Electronics and plays the role of a filial son.

Counterpoint Research, a global market research company, announced on the 1st that the cost of parts for the Galaxy S12 Ultra (8GB / 256GB) was $469 (about 619,800 won).

This reflects raw material costs only and does not include other costs such as research and development (R&D), marketing, and transport costs.

The starting price of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is $1199. In Korea, it is sold for 1,599,400 won. Based on domestic factory prices, parts costs account for 38% of total factory prices. Based on the overseas shipping price ($1,199), it’s about 39%.

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The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the top contributor to Samsung Electronics MX division’s operating profit of 3.94 trillion won in the first quarter of this year. He is known to have recorded a double digit profit rate by catching both rabbits by reducing costs and improving performance. According to counterpoint research, the wonga part of s21ultra galaxy released during last 2021 was about 70 won for 533 won. This means that the cost of parts has been reduced by around 100,000 gained in just two years.

Although the component cost ratio has decreased, the ‘cost-performance ratio’ experienced by domestic users is higher than that of Apple iPhone. In the case of Apple, the cost of parts for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is $464 (about 613,600 won), which is $5 cheaper than the Galaxy S23 Ultra, but it has a smaller capacity. The basic capacity of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is 256 GB, which is more than the iPhone 14 Ultra (128 GB).

In addition, the fact that Apple set the factory price at 1,749,000 won, an increase of 260,000 based on the high exchange rate at the time of the release of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, is a factor that makes it difficult feel the low. cost of parts. This is because the component cost ratio compared to the global factory price ($1099) of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is 42%, but in Korea it is reduced to 34%.

Meanwhile, in terms of the proportion of parts per element of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the cost of processing and communication parts (35%) was the highest, followed by the display (18%) and the camera (14%). Qualcomm parts are the most used, at 34%. Products from Samsung affiliates, such as Samsung Display, accounted for 33%.