Samuel L. hits back at Quentin for saying that the “stars” of the movies are not the Marvel actors, and the “characters” are the real stars.

An actor who has worked with Quentin Tarantino in several films. He made it clear that he disagreed with Quentin saying that the actors in the Marvel movies were not “supernatural”. The “character” is the real “star” of the story.

“It wasn’t a problem for me. To say that those actors aren’t the real stars of the movie, Chadwick Boseman is Black Panther, you can’t deny that he’s not the star of the movie.” Samuel L. Jackson to the host of the show The Scene “It just needs some actors. specific to certain chapters.”

Jackson is one of the actors Tarantino has worked with the most. And used to give memorable roles to movies like Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown, The Hateful Eight and much more

But it seems that this time he disagrees with his director counterpart. In particular, the director criticized the stars of Marvel films, although Quentin said in that interview that he himself likes Marvel comics and if he were younger, he would have liked them.

Which Samuel L. Jackson also says that in the end, the income of the film and the audience is what will say who he is “famous” the real one “The sign of fame is whether it can bring the audience into the theater or not, and what are we talking about?”

Samuel L. Jackson’s comments came after Quentin gave an interview about the current state of the film industry. “I think the films of the 80s and 50s are the worst periods in Hollywood history. As bad as now. similar to today’s times.”

But the part that made Marvel fans less upset about Quentin’s interview was that he said it “Part of the Marvel era in Hollywood is you’ll have actors who are famous for playing these roles. But they’re not movie stars, are they? Captain America is a Star, Tor is a Star, I mean I’m not the first person to say this either. I think this has been said a million times already. The character is the star “>

“For me, Captain America is the star, not Chris Evans. Tell the truth,” said Quentin Tarantino.

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