Samurai Japan Head Team Manager Hideki Kuriyama’s retirement press conference “It was so satisfying that I don’t think he’ll ever be here” | Top | Press Conference Report

Press conference report

June 2, 2023


On June 2nd, Director Hideki Kuriyama of Samurai Japan’s Best Team, who led Samurai Japan to victory in the “2023 WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC™” (WBC), and whose tenure ended on May 31st, held a conference for the press to retire. in a hotel in Tokyo gone.

First of all, Kuriyama said about the days since he took over as commander in December 2021, “I don’t know if it will be a short period or a long period, but as a result, I was able to win (in the WBC), and my seniors have done it. I hope I could convey just a few of the wonders of Japanese baseball that you have given me. I was able to do it. I am grateful that I have had such a hopeless Environment.

During his one and a half year coaching career, the game that left the biggest impression on him was “all the WBC games.” “Whether it was the game against China or the Czech Republic, I could feel the hard work of the opponents, and I also noticed something, and every game was meaningful. No, but one game is a game you’ll never forget for the rest of your life,” he said.

This year’s Samurai Japan, which included Japanese major leaguers like Shohei Otani (Angels) and Yu Darvish (Padres), was the strongest in history. Kuriyama said, when selecting the players for the national team, “Whenever I met each player, I could feel ‘I want you to create the best team.’ However, all the players gave up on themselves and came together for Japanese baseball.

On the other hand, “I am the type to move forward when communicating with the players, so it left an impression on me that I could not speak slowly with the players,” while the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus infection. In addition, he expressed his struggles such as, “We must not injure top players.

What I kept in mind when taking an order was “not to be late”. From the quarter-final onwards, it was a one-shot game, and if we lost, we would go into the tournament.

In leading to the best result of winning the WBC, I feel that I have been able to present the splendor of Japanese baseball to the young boys and girls who will lead the next generation. “The players who competed in the WBC this year watched the WBC when they were in elementary school and junior high school, and thought, ‘Someday, I’ll do it too.’ I believe he will say, ‘I was inspired by seeing this WBC. time (2023),'” he said, expressing his expectations for the future.

Finally, to the players who stood at the top of the world together, he said, “I was very impressed when I played with them. I hope it will be a season where I can think I am proud that I play baseball.'” he said. I think he will still say,” he said with a smile once again conveying his gratitude to the players.

“The soul of Japanese baseball” that Manager Kuriyama has been talking about for a long time. The highest honor to show the world in the best possible way. Behind that, there was a strong relationship of trust between the commander and the players, and a passion for “Japanese baseball.” That was the last interview that was relayed again.


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