Samurai Japan maintains world No. 1 ranking WBSC announces world rankings, big gap to No. 2 US, No. 5 Korea | Full Account

Samurai Japan won 5th WBC[Llun: Reuters]

Mexico rose from 5th to 3rd, Taiwan moved to 4th

The World Baseball Confederation (WBSC) updated the men’s world baseball rankings on the 28th, with the Japanese national team “Samurai Japan”, which won the 5th World Baseball Classic (WBC) for the first time in three tournaments, by take the first place. retain Second place USA moved up to second place. Mexico moved up from 5th to 3rd after losing to Japan in the semi-finals.

Japan scored 5323 points. They are 921 points ahead of the second-placed United States (4,402 points). Chinese Taipei (4061 points) finished second, fourth, and Korea fourth (4049 points) finished fifth.

The WBSC Men’s World Baseball Ranking includes all performances over the past four years in WBSC sanctioned competitions such as the World Baseball “Premier 12”, WBC and friendlies, with the top 12 nations qualifying for the Premier 12 next. In WBC, 1150 points were awarded to the winning nation and 953 points to the nation that came second.

[Rhestr]Samurai Japan 1st in WBC quarter-finals USA and Mexico emerge in latest world baseball rankings


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