Samurai sends to the world…the Japanese style “blessing” is “getting nervous” Surprised at the relationship of trust “Is it just a manga?” | Full Account

Director Kuriyama flying in the air… Natural in Japan but strange in the world

In the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which ended with Japan winning the championship, the cultural differences of the participating countries were often talked about. Regarding the way Samurai Japan celebrated after winning the championship, overseas fans said, “This is great,” “I thought it was only done in manga,” and “Watching this makes me nervous.”

What does it mean? The US sports station FOX Sports has released a video of the scene where Japan decided the best in the world and Kuriyama was flying in the air on Twitter. It seems that the scene is so unfamiliar to foreigners that even the announcer burst out laughing “hahaha”.

The video received many comments in English. As well as the voices saying, “I hope you do this when the Padres become the best in the world”, “This is the best”, “I like this”, “It’s beautiful “, “I know you are excited because you won, but I am watching this He has a lot of trust in the players as long as he is not dropped,” he said.

[Golygfa wirioneddol]”I’m getting nervous” The world is paying attention… Director Kuriyama received a throwback in Japanese style


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