Samut Sakhon found 541 new cases of coronavirus infection – post today

Samut Sakhon found 541 new coronavirus infections

Date 03 Jan. 2021 time 17:06

Samut Sakhon – Shocking! Coronavirus infection found There were 541 cases in the province, despite the fact that only 36 were found in the morning, most of them in foreign countries.

On January 3, Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Relations Office Disclosure of the situation of COVID-19 infection Of Samut Sakhon Province at 2:00 pm as follows: 541 new cases of COVID-19 were found as a result of 448 proactive foreign searches, 57 Thai cases found in hospitals, 29 Thai nationals, 7 foreign patients. Cumulative confirmation up to 2,401 cases, however, when looking back at 10:00 am, the province found only 36 new cases.



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