Samut Sakhon Hospital “provides a promotion to stimulate vaccination – there is a chance to win prizes” The latest 24 Covid-19 cases found

On November 30, 2021, the Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office reported the situation of the number of Covid-19 cases in the province since (29 November 21) that 24 new cases were detected. , 14 people in the province and 10 outside the province, no deaths And 381 are being treated in hospital, 13 have been cured and 91 are under observation for symptoms. The latest has 9,486 doses, is the 1st needle 3,093 doses, the 2nd needle 6,193 doses, the 3rd needle 200 doses, with a total cumulative total of 1,655,925 doses.

Reporters reported that while Samut Sakhon Hospital by Dr. Anukul Thaitanand, director of Samut Sakhon Hospital revealed that the hospital has now announced that people who have been Has been vaccinated to prevent covid-19 with the hospital. Now there is an activity. in line with government policies About 100 million doses of vaccines all over Thailand” or from Doctor’s Day to Father’s Day (27 Nov.-5 Dec. 64), in Samut Sakhon Hospital, there are prizes given to people. who come to vaccinate everyone during this period who can win a accommodation card Chao Phraya River Dining Cruise Tickets and more including everyone who came to vaccinate that You will receive a cloth mask from UNIQLO 1 pack 3 pieces without having to win.

“The booster injection project will be injected with AstraZeneca For those who have not been injected yet Will be able to choose a formula with 2 formulas to choose from: 1.Astra+Astra​ 2. Astra + Pfizer part of moderna of the side Samut Sakhon Provincial Administrative Organization Has arranged a budget to buy this, which the first lot is injected to patients who are bed-bound by injection at home.

For those who will be vaccinated with 2 Sinofarm vaccinations, the hospital also has a group and prompts them to inject boosters soon, which must be sorted by the date of the 2 injections, which if anyone has completed the injection first booster first
“For various awards As mentioned above, it must be vaccinated. in the injection point in the affiliated (designated) of Samut Sakhon Hospital only”


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