Samut Sakhon Hospital rushes to inject ‘Pfizer’ for children 12-18 years old with congenital disease in Mueang Mahachai District

Samut Sakhon Hospital rushes to inject ‘Pfizer’ for children 12-18 years old with congenital disease in Mueang Mahachai District

Reporters reported that on August 21, 2021 at Landmark-Mahachai Department Store Pfizer vaccination has begun. Initially, there has been a screening test. Approximately 831 participants in the project appeared to be children, most of whom will receive vaccination services (the first dose) and are in the group with congenital diseases. or obesity, which Found that the weight is more than 70 kg or more. And some of them are in the chronic disease group. including as a child in special children (or Down syndrome, autism)

“For this matter, initially it is a service for children first. It will be injected until the number of children who have passed the screening today. Which travelers come to use the service to start the first dose of vaccination today, while the second injection is next month (September 11th), which is mostly Children in the healthy group who have never been vaccinated in Samut Sakhon Province by Public Health Office, Samut Sakhon Province, as an expedited procurement of more suitable vaccines However, when the vaccine has been acquired It will be open to vaccinate the new batch immediately.”

Asked among the parents of a number of children revealed that bringing their children as a group of children with disabilities. And children with autism come to use that injection service today. By different people waiting in line from the morning (05.30 hrs.) There are not many. with their own children who are unable to control themselves But let the child wear a sanitary mask Even if the child is not willing to wear Therefore, he is worried that the child is afraid that he will be infected with Covid-19 as well, which children who are special children will not be able to control themselves. However, they see that their children may be at risk. Even though I’ve never been out which when informed that at Samut Sakhon Hospital Pfizer vaccination. to children as a vulnerable group therefore brought his son and daughter to use such services. So I’m very happy because these children are also worried.

Reporters reported that For Pfizer injections for children between the ages of 12 and under 18 and vulnerable groups of Ban Phaeo District, you can walk in to receive the vaccine on August 23, 2021 (from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. p.m.) at the service point at the Ban Phaeo Hospital building, in the district of Krathum Baen. The walk-in service is available to vulnerable children between 12-18 years old and can get injected as well on the 26th – 27th and the 29th. August at the 10-storey building of the hospital

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