Samut Sakhon Province indicates that Covid will continue to soar Please stay still for 14 days to stop the epidemic.

21 July 2021 6:22 PM.

Samut Sakhon Province Reveal measures to isolate people infected with Covid-19 Whoever is sick must be separated for treatment. or quarantine to observe symptoms Because the patient is overflowing with support, the number is continually high. If it stops moving for 14 days, it can prevent the outbreak.

At 13.00 hours on July 21, 2021, Dr. Naresrit Khadthasima, Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Doctor, revealed that from the epidemic situation of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 that we see at present, there is mutant change and spread rapidly get infected more easily and more severe disease both at the national level and in Samut Sakhon Province with the number increasing each week by hundreds of thousands. in which the overall assessment of the spread of the disease It is believed that there will be higher and more widespread.

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Therefore, the key control at this time is to look back at the issue of controlling and preventing serious illnesses. or quarantine to observe symptoms Because of the limitation of the number of beds available at the moment. in both the main hospital and the field hospital which has been occupying a bed that has exceeded the limit for a long time

Dr. Naresrit Mention the trend of the situation ahead that From the rate of increase that is so fast and leap. It is predicted that there will be a number that will continue to increase But the increase in the number has to be looked at in many ways. Because there are many components, which today the Ministry of Public Health is trying to say. Next will try to make this covid endemic. We have to live with COVID-19 This goes on until the group immunity arises. Including comprehensive vaccination, it will turn into a common flu-like disease.

As for the issue of closing the city The public health doctor said Will be able to help with the control of the outbreak for sure. Because the cornerstone of diffusion is movement. Therefore, if everyone can actually stand still for 14 days, the infection will actually stop spreading. Staying still for 14 days can really help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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