Samut Songkhram COVID-19 Free There were no infected persons, after 8 days the patients were completely cured

Samut Songkhram Hey !!! COVID 19-Free No one infected for 8 days. Completely cured

Covid 19 Center, Samut Songkhram Province Publish the situation of COVID-19 (new outbreak) on January 20, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. that no new infected patients have been added continuously for the 8th day (from 13 – 20 January 2021). Cumulative infections from December 17, 2020 to January 20, 2021, a total of 29 cases, a total of 29, with 53 at-risk people enrolled in this daily screening, 35 candidates for daily screening and proactive search. In the community 175 cases

Dr. Santhit Boonyasong, MD. Samutsongkram said that On this day, the last patient had gone home. Samut Songkhram Province is considered free from COVID 19 thanks to public health officials, doctors, nurses and related parties. To help care for the 29 patients infected with the COVID 19 until they can get back home, everyone in a short time. Which is indispensable is the volunteer brothers and sisters who help each other to be vigilant And people to cooperate Causing no new infected people to add to the area

However, in Samut Songkhram province, it must be sterile for at least 14 days, or possibly no one infected 28 days ago, not infected for just 8 days, but it is still very worrying. So as a precaution Therefore warned the brothers and sisters to take care of themselves, such as not going to the place that was announced It’s a risky place Avoid crowded places Strictly adhere to public health measures, etc. In addition, we ask that COVID-19 is not allowed to gamble, not to drink alcohol, to hilarious nightlife, to not associate with evil friends, to create entertainment, etc. for Samut Songkhram and Thailand will not have more new infected people.

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