San-E is getting married today (24th) with a bride who is 2 years younger than her [MK이슈]

picture explanationRapper San. Source | Sani SNS

Rapper San-E (37) is getting married today (24th).

On this day, San-E marries a lover who is two years younger than him. San-E’s agency, Sameside Company, said, “We ask for your understanding that it is difficult to give detailed information about the time and place.”

Previously, on August 23, San-E posted a photo along with the words “Yeah! I’m getting married!” on SNS.

In the published photo, San E is wearing a neat suit. San-E showed her warm visual with a bright smile holding a bouquet of flowers.

San-E, who performed for the first time in 2008, was delighted with popular songs such as ‘Tasty Mountain’, ‘A Story of Someone You Know’, and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Honey’. He also appeared in programs such as Mnet’s hip-hop survival show ‘Show Me the Money 4’ and ‘High School Rapper 2’.

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