Sanghyuk Nam, LG Innotek Research Fellow, ‘Steel Tower Industrial Service Merit Order’ for materials and parts technology development

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The Iron Tower Industrial Service Order of Merit was awarded to Sanghyuk Nam, a research fellow at LG Innotek, at the ‘2022 Origins Materials and Advanced Components Industry Technology Exhibition’ on the 2nd.

Member Nam developed the world’s first core technology that opens the age of 5G communication, such as ultra-thin semiconductor substrates. He was recognized for his contribution to improving the competitiveness of the national materials and parts industry.

Hosted by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, the Sojang Root Technology Exhibition was prepared to provide a forum for exchange between domestic and foreign companies, such as sharing the results of the technological development of the domestic soybean industry and discovering new customers.

Member Nam led the innovation of semiconductor substrate technology for mobile devices.

Smartphones are getting thinner and thinner, but the number of high-end parts that need to be installed to implement performance such as 5G communication is increasing. This is why there is a need for ‘high density, high density’ substrate manufacturing technology that reduces board thickness and size while increasing the microcavity where parts can be placed on the main board.

Various semiconductor substrates and materials developed and mass-produced by Mr. Nam played a decisive role in solving the challenges for realizing high-density and high-density smartphones. This year, Nam developed the world’s first semiconductor substrate for mobile DRAM with a thickness of 0.075 mm and three layers thinner than a blade. It mass produces a four-layer substrate with a 20% reduction in thickness compared to the previous one.

The secret to reducing the thickness of the high multilayer substrate lies in the coreless technology that LG Innotek has been preparing for a long time.

To ensure additional substrate area, Nam reduced the size of the pad around the via (a metal hole that allows electricity to pass between the layers of the substrate) so that more circuits can be placed. With this technology, the density of the substrate has improved by 35% compared to 2020.

Nam also achieved breakthrough results in the development of a flip-chip chip scale package (FC-CSP), a substrate for a mobile application processor (AP) for 5G communications. With the advent of 5G communication, the market needed a substrate for very small circuits that transmit more information. To meet these conditions, Nam first commercialized ETS (Embedded Trace Substrate), a substrate where the surface circuit is embedded in an insulating material.

Thanks to various development achievements, LG Innotek is expanding its market share in the field of semiconductor substrate material every year. In particular, in the RF-SiP substrate market, it has been occupying the global No. 1 position since 2018.

Nam said, “I am proud to have contributed to improving the competitiveness of Korea’s general manager companies and industry by developing next-generation substrate materials for 5G.

By Park So-ra [email protected]

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