Sangmin Lee “I have a friend I have in mind right now”… A surprise confession of unrequited love during broadcast

Channel A’Icon Tact’ broadcast screen capture © News1

Broadcaster Lee Sang-min confessed that he was in unrequited love.

On the 13th broadcast of Channel A’Icon Tact’, the scene of the cute’square romance’ in which three children, including kindergarten students Seo-joon, Si-yoon, and Hanbin, surround the girl Nayeon, was revealed.

Meanwhile, MC Lee Sang-min drew attention by confessing that he had reason in his mind.

On this day, three kids competed to be selected as a date to go to the amusement park with Nayeon when Corona 19 disappears. MC Kang Ho-dong, who watched the cute little friends who visited the eye contact room, said, “The three friends all have different charms, but the problem is that they are thinking that they are going to be alone with Nayeon.” It looks like Lee and Siyoon’s Yanggang composition, but if Hanbin is active, it may break her mind at once.”

However, at this time, Lee Sang-min, who heard Haha’s words, even talked about her thoughts, misrepresented Nayeon as’Seoyeon’, and showed a displeasure and hastily corrected her as’Nayeon.’

In response, Kang Ho-dong looked as if he was wearing something. Haha also said, “Did Nayeon say Seoyeon without knowing (Lee Sangmin) while trying to talk, who is Seoyeon? “Are you a hot-some girl?”

Haha continued, “Is this a meeting signal? Is there something going on?” and Lee Sang-min said, “Ah, don’t do that. Stop it,” said a shameful expression.

Then Kang Ho-dong and Haha two MCs were more upset and said, “I can’t even take this out or Park. Now?” And smiled confidently.

Lee Sang-min, who repeatedly denied Seojun and Nayeon, saying that their names were only confused, confessed in the end that “I have a friend I have in mind now, and if this broadcast goes out, I may feel bad.”

Kang Ho-dong and Ha-ha, who were more surprised than Lee Sang-min, jumped up and cheered, and Lee Sang-min shrugged off the words, “I’ve been trying, but this is my own progression.”

Haha said, “It’s a bit cliché, but I think I should leave a video letter,” in order to naturally clear up the awkward atmosphere, and Lee Sang-min was more confused and said, “It’s ruining it. I don’t think I like this very much,” he shook his hand, saying, “This is really my own idea.”

Meanwhile, with a careful explanation and shy Lee Sang-min in front, Kang Ho-dong and Ha-ha jumped up and humbled the marriage march, and continued to try to drive Lee Sang-min, saying, “At the same time as the bride and groom,” he made a laugh. .

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