Sanju Samson Should Create More Consistency in the Field and Play for First Class Games Says Sreesanth | Sanju Samson : Should he play domestic cricket not just IPL; There is also a need for consistency; Sreesanth with suggestions for Sanju

Today on September 28, when the India South Africa match will be held in Thiruvananthapuram, all the Malayalees wished that their favorite player Sanju Samson was also in the Indian team. It has been quite some time since we started discussing the neglect faced by the Malayalee player Sanju Samson in the Indian team. The banning of the Malayalee star who has performed well in recent opportunities from the Asia Cup and the upcoming Twenty20 Cricket World Cup has given way to great discussions and criticism on the BCCI.

Although he does not get an appropriate place in the team and faces neglect, the actor completes the tasks given to him neatly and precisely. An example of this is Sanju’s assignment by the BCCI to lead the India A team against New Zealand A. As for the Malayali star, he gave a result that let everyone know that BCCI’s decision was right. A whitewashed victory. Not only from the role of captain but also as a batsman, Sanju performed well against the Kiwis team. The fans are asking why the BCCI is not opening the way fully to the Indian team for the player who is performing like this. But former Indian pacer Sreesanth gives Sanju Samson some tips about it. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sreesanth explained that along with IPL, Sanju should focus more on domestic cricket for Kerala.

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“Sanju has to show consistency. Look, everyone is talking about IPL. I am also from Kerala and I am one of those who supported Sanju. I have been watching Sanju play since under-14. Sanju has played under me. I was the one who gave the cap to Sanju on his Ranji debut, but when I saw him… My one request is that Sanju should start participating in first class cricket too, ” said Sreesanth to Hindustan Times.

“Yes IPL is important. IPL has given Sanju more fame, name, money and fame. But I feel… any cricketer… they should be able to perform well for their condition, especially in their top class career.Sanju should play first class matches for Kerala for that…not come and get century,200,give Kerala team Ranji Trophy win,set Kerala team to win Vijay Hazare Trophy.So there will be more of Kerala players reaching the heights ,” Sreesanth added.

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“Sanju is the only cricketer from Kerala? No, there are many players from the state. This is just one time, Sanju is playing in IPL and it’s a great thing. All the Malayalis in the world supports him, but Rishabh Pant, KL Rahul and Ishan Kishan are all keepers. .I tell you, there are many people in this wicket-keeper-batsman combo, and it’s not just Sanju,” he said Sreesanth.

“I have told Sanju himself that he wants to play top-class cricket and lead Kerala to victory. Sanju is also the captain. I believe Sanju will score centuries, not just one in three years. Sanju should also understand how Rishabh Pant and Ishan became Kishan. I think Sanju has the talent and ability to do that. There is trust. It’s a matter of consistency,” Sreesanth added.

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