“Santana” is waiting for Big Pom – Chief Police Commander But he did not find him, claiming to have information about the Chinese gray capital group.

invited out! “Santhana Prayoonrat” waiting for Big Pom – Royal Thai Police Chief Commander but not found

On November 14, 2022, Mr.Santhana Prayoonrat former Special Branch Travel to Royal Thai Police Headquarters. try to meet “Caer Fawr” General Prawit Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister who traveled to preside over the opening of the Joint Operations Center for Security and Traffic APEC Leaders Meeting at the National Police Office, including requesting a meeting with Pol Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat National Police Commissioner (Cmdr. Police) after the news that Is he about to get an arrest warrant in the gray Chinese capitalist case?

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Mr. said Santhana today bring information aboutChinese venture capitalists 3 bags, including your own passport intend to deposit with the National Police Commissioner to show sincerity that he will not flee the country will be deposited for 1 week according to current newsissue an arrest warrant Including also opening the passport page to show journalists that they traveled in and out of Lao PDR between July 8-10, which is evidence that they have spoken to Chinese businessmen and politicians in Lao PDR. The information accurate and useful for police investigations Asking to be part of the investigation as a witness and will also help prevent lobbying in the case. to confirm the case The court did not dismiss the defendant as in the previous Longzhu case.

As for the data sheet, the 3 bags that are stolen are positive and negative evidence withGray Chinese Capital Group Self affirming, not defending but wanting to present the truth so as not to cause prosecution to persecute any person

In addition, said Mr. Santhana also, in the case of Chinese capitalists, that police officers with the rank of “General Police”, positions of deputy chief and above, despite retiring from the civil service. and still hold the position Are you involved in claiming benefits? In addition, state the case of suspects involved in entertainment venues in Pattaya linked to Chinese investors. by the accused who was arrested to return to bail out that the chief police officer participate in bail this time or not who can have a political party Is it at a ministerial level that local voters participate?

However, due to strict security today the Deputy Prime Minister is attending the meeting making it impossible to let Mr.santhanaable to meet with the Deputy Prime Minister and the National Police Commissioner The officers tried to persuade Prohibited to stay and wait to meet with the Deputy Prime Minister. Until Mr Ond was displeased before the situation worsened Pol. Lt Gen. Apichat Prasit Commander of the Special Branch Police and the Maj had to. Gen. Arkayaon Kraithong, spokesperson for the police, came to discuss in person. Before allowing Mr. Santhana paid homage to the statue of King Rama IV located just in front of the Royal Thai Police Building. and asked to return byBefore going back, Mr. Santhana also to the Special Branch police officer for raising the noise earlier.