“Santana” panting evidence, complains to the Ministry of Justice, asks “Chuwit” to investigate the massage parlor’s sales tax loophole

At 2:00 pm on November 21, 2022 at the Ministry of Justice, Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat to present a letter of complaint to Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, the Minister of Justice. The wording of the fact-finding committee at the Inspector General’s Office From the case I used to complain about 3 senior police officers Claims for benefits related to illegal influences amount to 300 million baht

Recent progress, revealed Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat, former deputy superintendent of Santiban, who would say what? Or will Mr. Chuwit talking about it anyway. He has met him several times, however, people may be unclear. what he said about each People do not remember at all or have never met before, as in the year 2014 at the Royal Thai Army Auditorium. He had the opportunity to meet this person. Because he was following the order of the NCPO, when he happened to meet him, he asked “Did you bring my name to the NCPO?” He didn’t answer, didn’t argue, then shook his hands. pick up a cigarette ask me do you know each other? next time if we meet Ask Mr Chuvit to answer the association first whether 6 massage parlor businesses have to pay taxes to the state or not. Wirathepsuporn or Sia Kampol (Ex-Owner of Victoria’s Secret Massage Parlour), Special Investigation Department Conduct the interrogation But why did you only sit the examination during Mr Kamphol’s acquisition of the business? But there is no retrospective check on how to buy-sell.

Today, he has brought documentary evidence that believes the business transfer is not transparent. Although it was revealed that the business would be traded. but he did not reveal the actual numbers. what such information did he get from Mr. Kolak. who used to clash with Mr. Chuwit which is the same number as the Revenue Department also has and if Mr. Chuwit sincerely also came out to answer the media’s questions on tax matters because he knew that Mr. Kamphon is still alive, although he escaped the case

Mr Santana said that the service business As if he were doing a hotel business Where did he bury the camera or make the video clip he mentioned? Anyway, I wish him to be rich. don’t go out and speak against that person, this person, that life, this life and that the society has to listen to it It’s funny every day In the case of Mr. Zhao Wei Is the society in know the answer to what Mr. Zhao Wei has to do with the five people he claims? which is useless then the target changed to play Mr. Du Hao And what is smelled, like drugs, is very ugly, he warned, don’t forget that he is considering what kind of reversal actions Because he is know that he will sue for sure. In the case of the media that has been presented He had already spoken about how the media carried out their duties as well as the 5 people he claimed. He has never had a history of drug addiction

“If Mr. Du Hao private jet, I would like to ask if he is a businessman. Is he not entitled to it? But he knows his way of presenting well. But such a method is not my ability As for who is going to sue me tomorrow, go ahead and sue me, and no lawyer has to come and tell me to be careful that I cold, that I don’t talk to them, and who is suffocating me for extortion. . Let’s find the victim to confirm. Because until today I still haven’t seen him, if there is, come, ready to give 1 million baht,” said Mr Santhana and said that Mr Chuvit will go to the Criminal Court in Ratchada. In order to prosecute yourself for bullying, you are not afraid, you can sue and ask for 100 million baht in the civil case. He said he demanded 1 billion baht if he thought it was wrong. But if there is no wrongdoing he will sue for sure

In addition, the reporter also reported that Mr. Santana opened 3 black bags, including large bags. and have documents inside the media to see In a large suitcase, documents and cash of 600,000 baht were placed inside. Is that amount of money evidence or not ì Answered Mr. Santhana it was not, but personal money that he always carried with him. in case they and their subordinates are prosecuted in an emergency he will have money for bail This sum is sufficient to cover the case against which he is currently charged. Also at that time He did not report himself, so he wanted to ask the Ministry of Justice whether he could continue to report himself or not.

Santhana also said that Mr Fel for the other issue that requires the Ministry of Justice to investigate the 3 former lenders of the Chao Phraya River Basin, deceived themselves at the time that they were going to save the nation, but in the end he returned to borrowing money. causing him to be a defendant in the case of the Suvarnabhumi Airport siege Which happened in the year 2008, and at that time he had brought 600,000 baht in personal money to apply for self-insurance And now still not reimbursed. therefore the Director of the Justice Fund Office would like to submit a request for a refund of the specified amount of guarantee.

Later at 3:30 pm, Mr. Santhana out after meeting with Lieutenant Lt Thanakrit Jit-Areerat, the Secretary of Justice, that the issue of reporting in the case of the Suvarnabhumi Airport siege is The Department of Justice said it can still report itself. but he had to come as scheduled for an appointment that he collected And used to deliver to many government officials, but there is no progress, so tomorrow (November 22) at 1:00 pm in the Ministry of Justice, Over Turn Lt. Lt. Thanakrit Chitrareerat, secretary The Minister of Justice has made an appointment for him to bring such information to be given and discussed privately.

Santana concluded that Mr. For tomorrow, Mr. Chuvit will file a lawsuit against him. He was prepared to travel to receive the complaint at the Ratchada Criminal Court on his own so that he could go and deal with it. to know his indictment will he try to keep up if he knew he was going You can have a coffee and wait.

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