Santhwanam: Devi reveals the truth to Anju: Santhvanam Review

Kerala, First Published Dec 4, 2021, 6:56 PM IST

HSanthwanam Serial is a popular series of songs. The series, which topped the ratings, tells of the beautiful relationships of a joint family. Santhvanam is an indispensable part of the series that tells the story of the brothers and their wives at home. The pairs in the series are all a favorite of all. Balan, the eldest son of the family, and his wife Devi are the father and mother of the family. Harikrishnan Aparna and Sivan Anjali are all leading the way with their excellent performances.

Balachandran is an elder who sacrificed everything to look after his younger brothers without causing them any trouble. After their marriage, Balachandran and Devi decided not to have children and to look after Balan’s siblings as their own children. Therefore, despite their age, they have no children. The couple went to the doctor thinking that they might have children, but there was no progress. Balan’s sister Harry’s wife Aparna is pregnant. Aparna, who was away from home for a romantic marriage, was invited home by her parents after learning that she was pregnant.

In the latest promo of the series, Devi is opening her mind to Anjali. Goddess says you should not come my way. The goddess says that it is very pious that God allowed her to raise her children with a lot of love even though she did not have a pet. Meanwhile, there is a big explosion between Aparna and Hari who went to stay at Thampi’s house. When Hari tells Santhanam to return home, Aparna and the family cling to it. In it, Hari gets angry and leaves the house, and when he returns after a long time, he gets into a fight with Aparna. But Aparna’s father and mother accidentally have to listen to all the talk. After hearing the quarrel, Thampi and his wife wondered if their daughter was living a very bad life at home. But Aparna tells her mother that Hari is poor and that they often get beaten up by love. In any case, the total mess will go through crucial episodes in the days to come.

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