Sara wept and never let go. Mike found the son of a lot of responsibility. But earn less money

How is the deal going?
The lawyer estimated, “The minor agreement is a matter of lawfully exercising parental power with the father. This one is about children first. Sara’s side agreed that Mike was his legal father. And we would like to use the custody of the child And he allowed Sara to be the sole master of authority. The use of power to control children is Determine the place of residence Set the study location And miscellaneous things about your child’s life And able to represent the child alone

Next is the maintenance allowance. About tuition fees All the past semester fees that Sara’s family had paid a total of more than seven hundred thousand. This must be carried over. Because Sara’s family had already paid and gave it away The tuition fees will occur in the next half until grade 6 after Nong Max has grown up. Began to have a way of thinking and going up to Secondary 1, then let Nong Max and Mike discuss where they’ll go to study in Secondary 1 until they finish their Bachelor’s degree. This Mike is responsible for the tuition fee to agree with the child. With the child having a part

Child support When the morning we talked about Is child support Mike agreed that Sara took care of everything. Responsible for all child support costs are with Sara. With Mike not paying From today onwards, no need to pay and have Mike take responsibility for your child’s illness. Medical expenses Various insurance costs And both will have to complete the registration of child certification within 30 days from today “

How does Mike have the right to meet children?
The lawyer said, “When meeting a child is under the custody of the mother, he must allow the father to visit as appropriate. So Mike asked that for it twice a month without any problems, but with the consent of the child too. When visiting children must be agreed upon by the consent of the child. At first, Mike said that you don’t have to let your children agree. Will the child not agree? It also requires father and son to voluntarily consent together. “

Now Maxwell is in Phuket. When you meet your child you have to go to Phuket?
Attorney about “should go to Phuket. Should not tell him to take a plane to Bangkok And notify in advance as well so that they can prepare Not arrived, go pick it up Must notify 5 days in advance “

How satisfied is Sara’s part?
Sara “is, really, it’s about my child. It was not concluded who lost or who won. It is that we are both ready to take responsibility for our children. Ready to take care of the children, give them the same love, that is more “

Today, he seems to end in the morning. Why are you coming later in the afternoon?
Lawyer King “The afternoon fell like a big picture. But in the details, it is attached to each other in many points as well. As in the morning, it was agreed that he was responsible for the tuition fees of the half-child until the end. The support is ours on our side, hey, is it okay? We are all responsible for taking care of our children. So we’re not quite okay. Therefore would like to come back and talk in the afternoon to discuss more details. “
Lawyer Estimates, “I think I think parents, tuition, education and child support must be half each. And will have me to waive my rights instead of Max I couldn’t do that. Parents cannot be fascinated by parents. Parents can divide their duties, they do not have problems, but in principle, the cost of living and tuition costs must be half. Now, when it comes to giving all of this side So we have to take some time to consider “

In the end, how are you doing? Okay, are you satisfied?
Sara “It was really stressful. Because it turns out that this is a criticism and affects the child. We were not happy since it happened in the first place. “

But today is it over?
Sara, “It’s good that it ended well.”

We are ready to take responsibility for alimony?
Sara “Everything has been written. It follows that. “
The lawyer roughly, “Don’t say Sara alone. Sara family Sara’s parents help each other. Without parents, Sara Sara alone must have been a little heavy. “

After this, Mike wants to meet Maxwell, has to inform Sara or the lawyer?
The lawyer roughly “informed Sarah directly.”
Sara, “It was something that my parents talked about with each other. Because now the court case is over today and it’s over. No, you have to go through a lawyer because the lawyer has a duty to do the case. After this, living the move on, it is for the parents to talk. ”

The atmosphere is better, right?
Sara “It’s not the same again. Mike and Sara are never going to be the same. Because we have had problems for a long time We hope everything will turn out to be better, but today it is not the same. “

After this, if Mike will take Maxwell to shoot a commercial Or an entertainment event that is okay with us?
Sara, “We have never been addicted to this. Is not wanting everyone to stick to the old story because it is a matter that the lawyer has to draft for the best interest of the child. It’s not about us, so as of today, whether it’s 6 claims, 4 claims, or 2,500 is everything, it’s mediation. It can be adjusted all the time. It’s not a conclusion It is not to say that I will take it like that, I will take it like this and it will get. That is, it has to come together to discuss whether this person is okay with the matter of the child. We see that the story of the child today, the father will like this, the mother will like this, the final benefit is on the child It is whether both sides are satisfied that the child will live like this, eat like this, learn like this. “

In the sovereignty of Sara Does Mike have the right to comment on raising children?
Sara, “in the past, he was already there. Because our children are men We have to admit that we are women and we are happy to ask him in terms of masculinity. Some things we don’t know We asked him all the time. So here it will always be like this. “

In the future, Sara sees it going back to the same place?
Sara “Now the deprivation never happened. Sara has said it many times. And then on the other side there is an exclusion, which is the evidence? Sara asked for evidence of the exclusion. It is not possible whether it is your uncle’s social, YouTube. Relatives on Father Aig’s side, you have a picture. There was a birthday encounter Is it always meet So what is deprivation? Today Sara still asks him what is the exclusion. If they were to say that COVID did not meet the children. Or when Sara was pregnant was COVID.The country was closed. Province it’s closed We cannot find our children, which is to exclude. It is the situation of the country. Is not our fault

Therefore, it is a matter that he should empathize and understand each other at the moment that we are pregnant. Which he knows, we are not that convenient It is a very short period of time, a few months to say that deprive it, it is not. It’s not that he asked to see the child and said he couldn’t. You can’t see it. It’s not like that. We just say it’s busy. We have personal problems. Is that we are pregnant Or because of COVID The airport is closed, how to get to it? Therefore this deprivation never happened. And we didn’t want it to happen.

Because Maxwell and Mike Max he already knows who his father is. He grew up knowing that this was his father. Then one day we were mothers. Why are we going to hurt the feelings of our children by not having to meet with their father? What did his father do wrong? He didn’t do anything wrong. When parents argue, it is not a matter for us to put on the child. Parents and parents argue, it’s about parents. But our son did not go to argue with his father. What are we going to stop him from meeting for? It’s good that father and son love each other. It is something that is both our children. It is not the child of anyone who has to make a move that excludes, does not meet. It’s even good that they see each other often. “

After this, how many times will Mike meet in a month?
Sara, “Really, that has been past since the birth of the story. The child is on school holidays, we always tell him. When he is busy, it is busy. Everything is said to be Are the two free, just like that? But okay, it has a written that it clearly states in order to prevent this problem from occurring that at least a month or two, we are considered OK. He will be comfortable too. “

How do you describe your child?
Sara “really has to say the truth. On the other hand, Sara sees the media News, perhaps just the headlines Or sometimes I just want the elder to lighten the headlines. Because sometimes the story is not that size Sometimes I just read the headlines. We also view Maxwell as he grew up with us. He was in a real situation what happened. I would have grown up with the reason why the news was like this.

Even though at the present time we are together like this It’s not the kind that news writes. So Sara, my son wouldn’t judge this as the news is. Like we are at home Someone wrote the news that we are like this. Our family is like this But in the house is not like this Therefore, we have to believe in what we see and see. So Sara believed that the child must have some kind of shield that he already knew was his mother, his father, our family. The news is Maya. “

It is believed Maxwell is immune. In the future, if the child asks, do you have an answer?
Sara “In view, as a love, we are not successful in life. But in the corner of motherhood (trembling), Sara believes that a million percent Sara is not as bad as the news writes. Sara is not a hostage mother, extortion, or abuses or sidelined. Is a million percent, Sara is not that model. Sara believes Maxwell knows that Sara loves him so much. Sara wanted him to love his father as much as he did. So Sara is convinced that Maxwell must know what Sara did today, really everything for him. ”

Feeling like you’ve been repressed for a long time?
Sara, “It was tiring. The event when we were pregnant with the condition of being pregnant with giving birth to a baby for a while, there were many different kinds of news. Small children must be fed. The eldest had a problem with his father. It’s like we’re heavy, ladies. Then after this our burden will have to bear the cost. It was quite heavy for us. With the news it went out, it had an impact on the job. With job duties

Sara saw that after this What Sara has to be responsible for is quite a lot. But looking at that We must be diligent and patient as we need more time. Even though we have to take care of our children Even though having to raise him in various ways, it felt quite heavy as well. Would like to ask for an opportunity, ask everyone to open up Understand Sara more.

At this moment, we are responsible for the child, it is a lot. And will say that each person is half It would not be half that size. We are all sponsored. And half the tuition fees as mentioned Which is also heavy for us at home raising children We don’t have a hundred percent time to work like on our father’s side. Therefore, the potential for earning money must be less. Which we felt that it was heavy like this (crying)

Before we talked about the quality of life of our children The burden of expenses is quite high. Might have to compromise from the target?
Sara “is really not about the amount of money that is expensive. Sara looked at each choice because he knew what the child was interested in. What kind of things does he want? No, he wants to learn music. We went to compress academics. We also look at his suitability. We have to admit that the school today is only quite expensive. We did not aim that my children studied 7 hundred thousand, had to go to a school that had to be 7,000 all the time. Because we just talked to his father that after studying until grade 6 And want to go to study like Bodindecha Or would like to go to study medicine, it might be modified in the future We then told his father Not that high, then it must be good. Depends on which one is suitable for our children What our children love that our children want to be more “

But from today on events like this It will never come back. You see that today is over?
Sara “Sara sees that Sara has quite a lot of patience. Is if going back from the first day Sara could choose to be the one to sue him first. But Sara never did. Sara did not bring the court to make it a big deal. It is that family matters have come to be criticized in society. What Sara can endure? Sara was patient and agreed.

Therefore, for Sara to go into trouble or fight with someone first, it was not Sara’s vision. Therefore, if Sara had not been acted upon Or nothing happened It would not have happened. Sara saw that in the past 6 years, Sara and her children had gone to sink him to the ground. Without a stand in society After today, Sara asked him to quit. May Sara have paid all the karma. After this, please give up and continue. “

After this, you will be in Phuket for a long time, right?
Sara “As of now, from what I talked about earlier, he’s okay with my child there.”.



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