Home Sports Sarat accepts the War Elephants still has to adapt to the tactics Nishino – confidently reverting resentment to Indonesia.

Sarat accepts the War Elephants still has to adapt to the tactics Nishino – confidently reverting resentment to Indonesia.

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The movement of “War Elephant” Thai national football team Set to prepare for the 2022 World Cup qualifying game, Asia, Group G in the remaining 3 games in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) under the guidance of chief training officer Akira Nishino. There are 3 warm-up games, the first game defeated Oman 0-1, met with Tajikistan on 29 May and the last game on May 30, Thailand time 22.00 met Uzbekistan. World Cup on June 3, meet Indonesia, on June 7, meet UAE and June 15, meet Malaysia, every match kicking at Thailand, 23.45 hours.

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For this group situation, it is considered close, No. 1 Vietnam, 5 games, 11 points, 2nd place, Malaysia, 5 games, 9 points, 3rd place, Thailand, 5 games, 8 points, 4th place, UAE, 4 games, 6 games, and No. 5 Indonesia, losing 5 games in a row, eliminated by the group champions. Will qualify for the final 12 teams immediately while 2nd place will select 4 teams from 8 groups

Sarat Yu Yen, the Thai national team midfielder, revealed that “the training environment in the team is increasingly intense. With the fact that our team has not cut off the players Everyone is trying to prove himself in this competition. It makes practicing every day fun and competing within the team. “As for the relationship in the team between the old players and the new players joining the team this time, it is good. Everyone gets along well. But about the system or tactics that coach Nishino wanted We still have to make some adjustments. Because we are away from the national team game for a long time But our team still has several days to prepare. Which should be ready for the first game against Indonesia “

Sarat revealed the past warm-up matches with the Oman national team that “The team has benefited a lot. In understanding the game and team relations Our physical condition is not yet full. Which still cannot tell much But after this it should be better and better. Which coach Nishino told the players to take care of their own body And increase your fitness To prepare for the first game of the tournament As for the points that need to be improved, I think there are still a lot of things such as the end of the score and the consistency of the game. We have to keep the standard. Which each match will have an error already With the staff coaching team should come and talk again about where to adjust. “

Sarat revealed the first game to face the Indonesian national team. That has changed quite a lot of teams from the first game that they met “We cannot underestimate them. Even though we’ve won before As I said, we are a long time away from the national team game. Which each team has changed Indonesia has quite a lot of young, fitness stars in this team. And more importantly, they change coaches as well But still believe deeply That if we can keep the standard Our team should be able to win. “

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