“Sarat” takes a tour of stonehill, the new flagship golf course in Thailand.

By Mr. Sarat Ratanavadee, Chairman of Stone Hill Estate Company Limited and Saris Ratanavadee, Executive Director of Stone Hill Estate Company Limited, a place that gives you more than a golf course. which is ready in all aspects to support being a new milestone in sports and tourism with an 18-hole standard, which wants to upgrade Thai golf courses to equivalent international qualifications In terms of golf standards and services that meet various needs in a unique environment.

Stonehill was designed by golf course designer Kyle Phillips (Kyle Phillips) in collaboration with the famous American architect Hart Howerton, Timothy Slattery. In this design, both of them look at the same point of wanting to make this place a destination of global standard. and it is a place that warmly reflects the ideals and tastes of its visitors.

The layout of a Stonehill golf course must be challenging for players. and it must help players Every person could fully feel the greatness of the country. The field surface consists of natural grass. including decorating the surrounding area with beautiful bushes and trees Help make the atmosphere like being in a foreign country.

As for the architectural design concept, it was inspired by the Neo Classic era.

It represents the gathering together of the influences of the old and the new era. as if time were passing from the past to the present

It epitomizes the idea of ​​endless possibilities. Mix and match the conflicts perfectly. delivered through creativity and action.

Stonehill is the place to be designed. and developed in detail and perfection From mere muddy ground to the ultimate golf course ready to deliver the best experiences and memories to visitors With over 950 of Stonehill, the area can be divided into create a community for visitors Can use a variety of services

There are two restaurants, Ubuntu and Rock Creek, as well as a bar like Firefly, each with its own unique character and character. Inspired by the different cultures of the people in each area.

There is also The Pavilion, a venue for all kinds of celebrations. in a spacious banquet hall

Come experience and create the best memories at Stonehill, Chiang Rak Noi Sub-District, Sam Khok District, Pathum Thani Province. or see more information at www.stonehill.co.th

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