SARAWONG S/S 2023 “Camellia in the Snow” blends the rhythm of East and West at Milan Fashion Week

Flowers bloom before the snow falls

Beijing time at 21:00 on 21 September

SARAWONG released online at Milan Fashion Week

New series “Camellia Jixue”

Camellia Jixue blooming clothes

Before the snow falls, the flowers bloom first. The flourishing view of mountains and rivers is like a picture scroll that opens up traces of inspiration. SARAWONG traces the origin of the painting “Camellia in the Snow” by the famous artist Lin Chun in the Song Dynasty. The original sketch is simple and elegant, and creative director Sara extracts beauty and emotion from it, and begins the exploration and creation. spring and summer 2023.

“The strong contrast of red flowers, green leaves and white snow on the fan gives me a sense of calm and rebirth.”

– Creative Director Sara Wong

Literati and scholars of the Dynasty of Song have always loved camellia, and many poems were written, a dog that praised camellia. Camellia has a long flowering period, is not afraid of the cold, and blooms in the face of snow. SARAWONG incorporates the arrogance of camellia and the romance of oriental poetry into the design; the camellia is rich in color, and the crafts like French embroidery and wool jacquard compose the beautiful beauty.

Drifting in the mountains, blending with the forest leaves. SARAWONG depicts a beautiful spring in the design. Jacquard fabrics with different floral elements combined with transparent mesh, iridescent satin, and the combination of virtual and solid add a sense of luxury. Camellia flourishes, including suits, long skirts, shorts, tops… Oriental beauty blooms endlessly in the details.

Mountain peaks and flowing water belong in design

The uniform is in the arms, and the beautiful views of the mountains and rivers are hidden. The design of this season’s SARAWONG 2023 spring and summer series is full of lines, with the overall smooth curve and waisted silhouette, reflecting women’s unique sense of softness and strength. The jacquard skirt incorporates green bumps, and the curved stitching is like a mountain peak and flowing water. It is matched with a knitted top to outline the body shape.

“Use a clothing point of view to express the beauty of oriental culture, and then use some modern lines and tailoring to reflect the fusion of cultures.”

– Creative Director Sara Wong

The landscape is as clear as a mirror, and SARAWONG uses restraint and color integration to reveal the Chinese temperament in a more modern and beautiful way. Pink, blue, green, brown, the overall mood is romantic and soft, giving people a beating heart, away from the dazzling beauty. The silhouette with a sense of design and the unique texture of the fabric, the strength is hidden in it, the energy accumulates, and it resonates inside.

Elegant, gentle, and powerful, the long history of every culture is attributed to design, rich as water, standing as mountains.

The rhythm of east and west runs through the world

“SARAWONG has always had its own unique taste and artistic heritage. With its understanding, it interprets and penetrates the whole world from a higher perspective.”

– Creative Director Sara Wong

SARAWONG uses his own perspective to tell the Chinese fashion in the new era. Eastern philosophy, broad and profound, creative director Sara takes the design language from the unknown Chinese culture, and transfers it to the public with a more modern creative approach. Popularity and eternity, legacy and innovation, it is this original intention that has become the precious heritage of SARAWONG.

SARAWONG S/S 2023 once again poetically integrates and collides eastern and western cultures. Buttons and placket, ancient oriental aesthetics clash with modern popular hollow and curtailed designs, the new Chinese style can also be bolder, more practical and more lively in the contemporary era.

This season’s SARAWONG S/S 2023 collection is not only presented in full on the official website of the Milan Fashion Union, but also displayed offline at the Circolo Filologico in Milan. Giant flowers handmade by artist Faby-Hana fall into a classical garden, adding a spectacular romance to the fashion capital of Milan.

Life is a lifetime, peanuts spring. Camellia is still in spring everywhere, and it lives up to its age; at every moment, find your best self. The world is big, proudly independent; the snow has not fallen, the flowers have bloomed, waiting for spring to come.

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