“Sarawut Yoowitthaya” leads TCP business to move sales to grow twice in 3 years


Talk to the commander-in-chief of TCP Business Group “Sarawut Yoovidhya” about the mission to build a new organizational growth. Pushing sales to reach 90,000 million baht from 2021, closing sales of 44,000-45 billion baht, making a big investment in China. brand new crack Tear up the rules to build products on top of “Krating Daeng”, moving Thai capital to great in the world.

When setting business goals that are very challenging causing the original goal to not reach the dream land because along the way, I encountered many thorns, but in the year 2022 “Sarawut Yuwittaya” Leading the TCP business group Or Red Bull will continue to grow in the next 3 years, must see sales of 90,000 million baht!! From 2021, sales of 44,000-45,000 million baht are ready to be Houde Of Great Brand

Back 5 years, the giant beverage organization of Thailand and has a world-class brand. “RedBull” Major business transformations, including all brands, all businesses come to be in the kingdom. Keep Or Burn with announcing the vision including a large investment of “ten billion”, hoping to drive sales to reach 100,00 million baht

However, the big target was not reached. because along the way there are many difficult problems the whole knot of the heir “The Yuwittaya Family” which has a huge impact on the brand image Big Chinese market encounter obstacles with former partners including the major crises that the whole world faces, such as the COVID-19 epidemic

Even though the numbers did not reach the target But the company has learned a lot of big lessons. to adapt Moreover, it is “Set new business goals” to create growth in the next 3 years

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Sarawut Yuwittaya Chief Executive Officer TCP Group (TCP) or Red Bull Open a media reception organization Ready to tell the strategy for the next 3 years

Today, I will talk about the new goals of TCP Group. After 5 years, we announce that we will lead Thai businesses to great growth on the global stage.” He opened the scene to tell the plan.

As for the business approach that has been set, starting from adjusting the new Tagline, telling the brand’s direction to walk is to “awaken energy for a better day” instead of “pass on the power of victory”.

Three strategies will fuel your awakening for a better day to succeed:

The first strategy: Awaken the power of the product brand (Fulfilling) TCP Group has “Red Bull” It is the brand that spearheads the energy drink group to make money for the company. In addition, it has been famous far and wide in the world for a long time, having “sponsored” the market for electrolyte drinks, etc. But to grow, there must be new “jigsaws” to fill in. Therefore, the goal is to create 5 new brands and new products to make. market

new products to look forward to will stick to the “health” trend to meet the needs of consumers Not only new products must appeal to consumers who love health, with “Krating Daeng” as the main character, but must break the old rules. add more benefits Sugar-free formula, new flavor, innovation to excite the market. including adjusting the image to be modern, etc. New products under the Red Bull will see at least 10 units within the next 3 years

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Strategy 2 Awakening business growth (Growing) business will grow to expand both domestic and international markets The business expansion requires “investment” to support the company, so the company puts a large budget of 12,000 million baht, divided into several parts, such as 1.1 billion yuan, or a value of about 5,000 million baht, invested in building factories in China. Producing more than 1.4 billion cans of Red Bull energy drink per year

China is a big market That Red Bull has taken possession of the owner of energy drinks for more than 20 years, but after the expiration of the alliance contract back to a big problem causing trade to stop Missing sales opportunities

However, the return of investment “Chinese Government” Open arms and promote the company’s investment well. as well as building factories in western China It is an important strategic area of ​​the country. If everything goes according to plan The dragon land will be a huge growth factor for the company. Because China is the world’s 1st or 2nd largest energy drink market.

remaining investment will use both to expand production capacity in Vietnam, in Thailand, etc., as well as adjust the work area in the organization to accept the changing behavior of office workers Want to work from home and work at the office, etc.

Strategy 3: Awaken the power to care for the environment (Caring) Today’s trade changes a lot of context. “Trade Wall” also adjust accordingly The world has put forward sustainable business plans as a pressure for product manufacturers to upgrade production and supply chains.

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Sarawut Projecting the company’s sustainable business movement It has been in operation for more than 60 years, but from now on it will be more intense. By advancing the level of environmental sustainability activities, focusing on 3 urgent issues, namely, setting “Carbon Neutrality” targets from all processes, both in Thailand and abroad, by 2050.

side “Sustainable Packaging, Circular Economy” will develop various packaging In the TCP business group to be 100% recyclable by 2024 in collaboration with partners who are global environmental organizations. To support the collection of packaging after consumption of both glass bottles. aluminum cans and plastic bottles into the system back into the recycling cycle

side “Water Sustainability Sustainable Water Management It aims to return more water to nature and communities than process water (Net Water Positive) by 2030, aiming to increase production efficiency, reduce water use, and work with partners and communities in three countries. namely Thailand, China and Vietnam, where factories are located. to create sustainability for water resources in such areas

“Everyone knows that five years ago the world was full of chaos. The situation has changed rapidly, the covid rampage is rampant, disrupting businesses around the world, causing severe digital disruption. climate change Regional conflicts, wars, inflation, these things we cannot control. and make adjustments Me and the executives therefore figured out a way to continue moving the business. to receive the change therefore pursue new goals Awakening for a better day wake everyone up with a goal to make the world a better place.”


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