SAT continues to request encouragement for Thai athletes from the people of Bangkok University, Rangsit Center

SAT continues to request encouragement for Thai athletes from the people of Bangkok University, Rangsit Center

Bangkok University – Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) in collaboration with the National Sports Development Fund Organized the 3rd roadshow “Heart for Heroes (H4H)” under the project to create a trend of spectators and encourage athletes participating in the 32nd SEA Games in the Kingdom of Cambodia, with Ms Koofah Sukkasem, Director of the International Cooperation Division, SATURDAY Mrs. Makamas Sitthiwet, Head of Information Technology System Support Department, SAT Dr. Peeraya Hanpongpan Bangkok University Vice President of Student Affairs and Professor Taswan Siripromcharoen Director of Bangkok University Holistic Student Development Center and representatives of coaches and athletes from the Sports Association of Thailand Participate in teaching and create colors for students who actively participate in the activities .


In addition, at the event there are also important highlight activities such as a platform to talk about the experience of the SEA Games competition, where Mr Piyapong Pirun, coach of a basketball association in Thailand, said that the association aims to send all 4 competition program Includes 3 × 3 male, female and 5 × 5 male types, a woman must have a coin to give back to the Thai people. and must at least be able to hold the championship with 2 gold medals from the last time. This year there is more than 90% readiness in all models sent to participate in this competition.

“Because the basketball team has plans to train and compete in big stadiums continuously. In addition, last year, a coach from Spain took care of the team’s training since September. make it ready for athletes’ fitness Including various atmospheres within the team, hoping that the Thai brothers and sisters will send their heart and cheer to all Thai basketball players and athletes. We believe that Fully prepared for the competition this time.”


On the side of Mr Nakorn Jaisanook, the representative of the men’s basketball team He also spoke about the feeling and importance of cheering “We all have the Thai flag on our chest. It was a great mission. And this is the greatest pride in participating in this competition. Fully prepared and will do the best. I would like to ask for strength and encouragement for all Thai athletes. Let everyone send their hearts Congratulations and encourage all of us too. The Thai basketball team will definitely win for the Thai people.”

As for Ms. Chasinee Koreepap, representative of female badminton athletes We asked for encouragement from all Thai people. also encourage participation in the competition “For all athletes Encouragement is very important. The SEA Games is our hope to win the victory to be the pride of the Thai people who are waiting to watch and cheer. We all want to hear the Thai national anthem loudly and loudly many times. Please cheer us up.


The 3rd Touring Show “Heart for Heroes (H4H)” is part of the project “Heart for Heroes (H4H)” under the project to create a flow of spectators and encourage athletes participating in the 32nd Games SEA in the Kingdom of Cambodia The main objective of the activity is to stimulate and create awareness of the upcoming SEA Games competition starting in May 2023 for youth groups in various educational institutions. The event will include an exhibition to provide information about the SEA Games, and “H4H Workshop”, an activity that shows how to encourage Thai athletes in 3 channels: 1. H4H E-Cheer: sending encouragement through a web app. That can send message stickers (E-Sticker) and print messages of encouragement to athletes in Thailand 2. Fun H4H Message: Write a message of encouragement in your own hand on a heart-shaped paper. And put it in the H4H heart box placed inside the event and 3. H4H Photo Cheer: Take a photo with a message board with content encouraging the athletes. which can be posted on their own social media Ready to type hashtags #H4H #HeartForHeroes #Sending my heart to SEA Games #SAT #NSDF

In addition, the project also gives an opportunity to those with dance talent. Send a cover dance clip in the song. “Donuts still have holes. You have us as your strength” to join the activity “H4H Covering Fun Challenge” with a total prize of 10,000 baht, 15 prizes for the clip with the most popular in the top 15. The rules are simple, post the clip.choreography via your own TikTok media channel and type #H4H #HeartForHeroes #H4HChallenge #SAT #NSDF by May 17.

For the “Heart for Heroes (H4H)” traveling show activity, there will be a trip to create a flow of spectators and fun to other public places twice as much in Wachirabenchatat Park (Rot Fai Park) on Sunday, March 26, 2023 at 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm and at Lumpini Park on Saturday, April 1, 2023 from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm Those interested can visit the event. Or send an online prompt in the web app. Ready to follow news and activities on Facebook: Public Relations Division, SAT.


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