SAT organizes the event “Golden Fly Series Thailand 2023”

Sports Authority of Thailand The Ministry of Tourism and Sports joined the Athletics Association of Thailand. and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration organized the “Golden Fly Series Thailand 2023” event, a world record athletics competition program organized in Thailand for the second time at the Khon Muang Plaza, Bangkok City Hall, with 2 sports competitions, the pole vaulting competition and long jump competition With athletes from all over the world marching to compete in this program to collect many world records in Thailand

Dr said. Kongsak Yodmanee, Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand, “The organization of the Golden Fly Series of Thailand 2023 is a great opportunity to connect world-class sports activities in Thailand. Willing to create opportunities for Thai athletes and athletes from abroad to have the opportunity to compete in world-class stadiums in their home towns This will greatly benefit the development of sports in Thailand. In terms of building international relations and developing sports organizations in Thailand. In addition, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration also uses the “Khon Muang Lan” to support the competition. which has an important landmark such as the Giant Swing as a registration point for foreign tourists of cooperation from all sectors So, we have a world-class athletics event like this happening in Thailand for the second time The Ministry of Tourism and Sports So it’s n fully support the organization of such activities. and hopes to have a positive impact on the development of sports and tourism in Thailand in the future. Committed to pushing forward to create excellence for Thai athletics athletes Willing to help promote marketing and public relations to generate income from promoting sports for tourism. ready to build a good reputation for the country in the future It will also improve the image of Bangkok as a highly respected sports city in the country and abroad. This world-class sporting event is also an opportunity to strengthen tourism in Thailand.”

The Golden Fly Series Thailand 2023 has two types of competition: pole vaulting and pole vaulting. and long jump competition There are many famous athletes competing in the women’s pole vault competition, such as Nikka Newell from Canada. Grade in the World Championship Final Joining the competition were Walter Kristen from the USA and Suzuna Prazakova from the Czech Republic. Including representatives from Thailand such as Chonthicha Kabutr and a new generation of young stars such as Anika Chatikavanich in the men’s pole vault, led by Austin Miller from the United States. Currently ranked 16th in the world, entering the competition with
Matt Ludwig, ranked 21st in the world from the United States and Ji Yao from the People’s Republic of China ranked 21st in the world, including representatives from Thailand. Lt. Passapong Amsam-ang, winner of many national medals In the women’s long jump competition Asian Champion Sumiri Hata from Japan Participated in the competition with world No. 11 as Agate de Souza, Sao Tome Philippines and Supawat Choothong, a representative of Thailand. In the male long jump side was the World Championship finalist, Chesville Johnson from the Republic of South Africa. Competing with Carter Shell of the United States. and a bronze medal from the under 20 World Championship as Gabriel Luis Bosa from Brazil. In which Thailand sent the winner of the Asian Championship, Prachya Theparak, to participate in this year’s competition as well.

For Thai athletics results, male pole vault, 3rd place, Lt Col. Pasapong Samang 5.61 meters, 5th place Mr Sinnapap Chumad 5.41 meters, female jump, 3rd place Chonthicha Kabutr 4.01 meters, 4th place Yanisa Chomchuendee 3.81 meters, 5th meters, 5th place Anika Chatikavanij 3.61 meters and female long jump 5th place grade Chuamareng 5.74 meters , 6th place Supawat Chuthong 5.69 meters

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