SAT reveals the most expensive royalties for Cambodia’s SEA Games called Thailand: PPTVHD36

The Sports Authority of Thailand reveals that Cambodia is hosting the SEA Games. The most expensive among the ASEAN nations

After the organizing committee of the 32nd SEA Games hosted by Cambodia from 5-17 May refused to demand royalties for broadcasting the SEA Games with Thailand up to $ 800,000, or about 24 million baht, this story was Dr Kongsak Yodmanee, the governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand revealed that he is currently holding discussions to find a solution. Because the number called for royalties itself would not be able to reveal the number. But it is considered close according to previous news reports. which is considered too high

Cambodia announces first country to sell broadcast rights for SEA Games

“Hun Sen” confirms the “Cambodia” SEA Games, transparent, no cheating

As far as I know, the number of royalties in each country is not the same. who does not know the criteria of Cambodia Because we are almost the most expensive country according to estimation. More expensive than Vietnam which now allows T-Sport to be a negotiator in Cambodia Denying that he did not demand those expensive royalties. If true, it’s a good thing. so that the public can watch the SEA Games thoroughly


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