Satisfied, “Bass” answered clearly and cleared about nose surgery.

No plans for a dilemma, “Bes Rakwanee” answered clearly, did not think of doing a nose job, clearly said that he was satisfied from the beginning.

It can be called another person who is both beautiful, talented, and very talented. And there are many fans to follow and support the work continuously for “Base Rakwanee Khamsing” The owner of a famous YouTube channel with more than 4 million followers, and also has a degree to be a sweetheart of a handsome young hero. “Tong Tong Kritsakorn” or “Tong Tong The Star” as well

Yummy, no rest, “Sugar” in 6 shots, showing off her slim S waist in a sexy short dress.

“Bow-Great” posted a caption to invite Jin Is this work accidental or intentional?

It’s almost there. before giving birth to twins

Latest (15 Oct 2021) “Bes Rakwanee” has given fans the opportunity Has sent questions to talk through IG stories by this event, many fans have sent messages to join and ask. And one of them got a message about her nose surgery and future plans for her nose job.

which this work “Bes Rakwanee” has recorded a clip to answer such questions via IG stories clearly and bang “No, don’t do it”, “Nothing at all. because I thought that everyone would recognize this bass face and satisfied satisfied from the beginning So I didn’t do anything. I didn’t think I had to do anything. Enough.”

Thank you Instagram : bestkamsing

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