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Satram Kunnu Government School: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

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Muvattupuzha: Maharatnam during the entrance ceremony in the state today. The school where Rulpe studied is going wild. Once upon a time, Mahaka VG. Shankara Kurup, the narrator of the Malayalam tour Rama Krishna The river of Muvattupuzha, which was given by the educator for many years. Satram Kunnu Government School is located in the heart of the city of Surat. Which is being destroyed.

With the introduction of online education in the state due to the expansion of the code I could not even look at the school. Govt. Works in conjunction with TEI. Only four newcomers continue to lose their ancient glory. Admission to the school.

Wild school yard and unhygienic environment When the authorities allege that the authorities are not ready to kill them, Cowie It is the South Indian authorities who are the main culprits in this. S says. There are people’s representatives who pretend not to see the deplorable condition of the school. The objection is also rising.
The fame of the river Muvattupuzha, which was a small area in Central Kerala. Axis of two geniuses widely highlighted The school that provided the light should be protected, said Puthen Sanke. Improving the quality of study in the field of science That demand is getting stronger.


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