Saturday Night Live takes on Jeff Bezos's selfies and scratch black roots TV and radio

SNight Live returns from one week a week and opens with Meet the Press. Chuck Todd (Kyle Mooney) objects by asking his expert panel thinking about: "What do you think like a Jeff Bezos pen?" The answers from Amazon are echo to Dot.

Moving forward to the launch of the State of the Union, Todd secretary of the commercial Wilbur Ross (Kate McKinnon) welcomes, but does not want to discuss the rich pain of the world. Similar to the action of general solicitor Matt Whittaker (Aidy Bryant horse bald), Bezos is not ashamed of every time he installs a "Instagram" as his own photo. "

That is long and short the open is brilliant-than-normal, light but open focal.

Halsey singer doubles double as host and music guest. She meets her Eastern Coast quotes through her best accent Jersey and loves the SNL women that she has grown up watching.

Them Trumps is the first sketch, an Argentine producer show "which puts the question: what was Trump's black?" Like the previous sketch Them Trumps from earlier in the season, the answer comes hard and fast: it would be immediately captured. It is a smart memorandum, but one that reduces returns.

First of all, Thompson is chaired by the United States State Ethics Committee, which means that he has a duty to ask his colleagues (each of them blank) previously unexplored questions previously : "FOR THE WORLD ELSE WORN IN COLLEGE?" Yes, though they still confuse what they did wrong. One asks, "What would it mean if the blackness was just a part of your black man's clothes?", However, when it is considered "if he believes if you did the same way back in the 80s? " Ultimately, the stomach is not too absurd enough to adequately reflect the infectious content, it is a parody.

Valentine & # 39; s Song is a R & B relationship featuring Halsey, Bryant, and McKinnon, whose tough singing trials discover their lightweight prospects ("sex, love and sexual love!") Not breaking their family members and colleagues. The song gives Halsey an opportunity to make an eye, but Thompson, who is serving the heart as a sweet heart in the 90 model, goes out with him.

Women of Congress is a style-based Charlie & Angels-style action show, featuring Nancy "Madame Clapback", Pelosi, Alexandria "I Say What I Meme" Ocasio-Cortez, Maxine "Do not Go In" Kooky Arizona "Kasty" Lady "Cinema, Ilhan" Get the Diary Done "Omar, Annie" Raise the Roof "Kuster, Abigail" Say My Name, Say My Name "Spanberger, and Rashida" Impeach the Motherf *** er "Tlaib. Alec Baldwin makes a short – and completely voice – cameo as a Trump. There's no real point there! .

Halsey makes her walls, Gan Me.

The Weekend Update opens with Michael Che's court regarding racial controversy that last week's – Virginia Democrats' drug-scandal, attempted Liam Neeson on racist real-life, from the 21st rapper Savage (" Actually 21 to leave the United Kingdom as a kid, Liam Neeson was probably looking for a black-haired blackbird with baseball bat. "), and a" Sambo "Gucci sweater.

Melissa Villasenor, dressed as Lady Gaga, comes to the Update desk, and talks about the upcoming Grammy Awards. Instead, she uses her time out of the winning song of Gaga Shallow (she has recently been engaged with Mooney, in a suit where Bradley Cooper's character is born from A Star), which jumps out of the pitch (against Che: "It was amazing … I'm supposed to say that there is play after that?").

In honor of Valentine's Day, the three experts are welcome to date who become narcissistic monsters. Initially, Nicos Slobkin (Day) and Brie Bacardi (Heidi Gardner), are always a "toxic fatal" Instagram couple who come together first and later by Guy Who Just bought a boat, yuppie d -mile "here to teach you how to score on ginney and waiting for this side of the line.

Sketch of other music, stars Sorority Scavenger Hunt, Halsey, Villasenor, and Cecily Strong as members of a play that attacks their karaoke bar patrons between their outline of 4 Non-Primary. The author promises insanity, but asks out quickly.

The Black History Implementation is to entertain the present members of the black cast for those who came before them, until Kyle Mooney was exposed to them.

In a unique performance (and immediately reminiscent), Halsey offers the Eastside song while painting herself at the same time on a huge canvas – it's not less!

"Maurice" is seen as Thompson as a man and father set up and independently reveals his family as being a successful model on a gay cam site. Thompson and Halsey (playing his son's weird and non-judicial girl) shows an easy and easy relationship – the combined incident should meet each other.

The final sketch of the night, Riverdale, gets the way methods (Pete Davidson) enters the series of teenagers who have been popular in playing the body. Davidson manages to lose himself in a character for change (he is not too native of his British false accent).

Overall, a strong episode, with Halsey as a natural producer.


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