Satyagraha Samaram led by : Nattu Visesham

A Satyagraha campaign was carried out

Thursday, November 10, 2022 12:04 AM IST

Malapuram: Kerala Bank Employees Federation Area Secretary Head Office REAPPOINTMENT OF SILL, FULL POST VACANT DUE TO RETIREMENT Conduct regular promotion to Kakali and give higher grade Correct the error and cancel the illegal location changes KBEF Malappuram district committee raised the demands Satyagraha efforts were made. CITU District President V. Sasikumar inaugurated.

KBEF District President P. Sreedharan presided. District Secretary Befi Ramaprasad, State Joint Secretary Befi Bigesh U Nniyan, Union District President NGO Rajesh, District Secretary KBRF E. Jayakumar, District Secretary KBEF P. Ali, Joint Secretary AK Mohandas spoke.

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