Saudi Anti-Corruption Committee ‘Nasaha’ Joins Interpol to Combat Cross-Border Corruption

Saudi Anti-Corruption Committee ‘Nasaha’ Allies with Interpol to Combat International Corruption

Dammam, Saudi Arabia –

In a significant move towards intensifying efforts against corruption, the Saudi Anti-Corruption Authority known as Nasaha, has joined forces with Interpol. This strategic collaboration aims to bring corrupt criminals, who have evaded justice and moved their ill-gotten gains across borders, to face the consequences of their actions. Moreover, the partnership seeks to recover funds and assets tied to these corrupt practices.

Under the leadership of Nasaha President Masin bin Ibrahim Al-Khamoos, the Saudi delegation visited the Interpol headquarters located in France. During their visit, a groundbreaking agreement for mutual cooperation was reached, exemplifying the commitment of both nasaha and Interpol in combating corruption on an international scale. Attending the meeting were Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock alongside other esteemed leaders.

Recognizing the magnitude of the challenge posed by corruption, these two organizations understand the importance of collaboration in preventing corruption and curtailing cross-border crimes. To that end, challenges related to corruption crimes were discussed in the meeting, with an emphasis on forging regional and international coalitions. Mutual efforts to trace individuals involved in corruption cases were also prioritized.

Crucially, the nasaha-Interpol alliance will strive to recover fortunes and assets that have been illicitly smuggled abroad in connection with corruption cases. This will involve bringing the accused to justice and initiating legal proceedings to rectify the damages caused by their deeds.

The recent international conference held in Vienna showcased the accomplishments of Nasaha, resulting in a resolution that praised the committee’s impactful activities in the fight against corruption.

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Dammam: Saudi anti-corruption committee ‘Nasaha’ joins Interpol. The two authorities will strengthen cooperation to bring the criminals who commit corruption and sinking abroad to justice and recover the money and assets linked to the cases.

Saudi Anti-Corruption Authority or Nasaha President Masin bin Ibrahim Al-Khamoos visited Interpol headquarters in France and reached an agreement for mutual cooperation. Interpol Secretary General Jürgen Stock and other senior leaders attended the meeting. Inu organizations also cooperate to prevent corruption and cross-border crime.

Challenges in fighting corruption crimes, cooperation with international organizations within regional and international frameworks and agreements were discussed at the mutual meeting. Cooperate to trace criminals involved in cases of corruption. Both organizations will ensure cooperation in recovering money and assets smuggled abroad in cases of corruption, bringing the accused to justice and taking legal action. Last day, the international conference held in Vienna presented a resolution to praise the activities of Nasaha.

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