Saudi Arabia implements transit visa system | Saudi Arabia launches transit visa system: 100 riyals for 48-hour visa


Riyadh: Saudi Arabia implements transit visa system. Transit visas are short-term visitor visas issued to foreigners. Transit visas allow you to stay and visit Saudi Arabia for a short period of time while traveling to other countries. Along with the transit visa, the visiting visa and Hajj visa system have also been amended. This was made clear in an advertisement in the government gazette Umm al-Qura.

Transit visa applicants are required to travel by air and sea to Saudi Arabia from 48 to 96 hours. Places can also be visited. For a 48-hour visa, the fee is 100 riyals and 96 hours. The Saudi cabinet had earlier decided to issue short-stay visit visas, but the order is now being issued.

During the journey between other countries, it is possible to land in Saudi Arabia and visit certain places within the allotted time. This facility is considered to be a great boon for tourists. The Saudi government also hopes to increase revenue through this. The transit visa allows you to stay in the country for a maximum of four days. This system is also useful for business people who make short visits quickly.


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