Saudi Arabia | No Red Heart or Rose; Failure to pay attention when sending a message in Saudi Arabia carries a jail term of two years and a fine of one lakh riyals

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia has ruled that the use of the Red Heart and Rose symbols on social media is a criminal offense. It is considered a crime if the recipient of the message or comment complains. If convicted, he faces up to two years in prison and a fine of one lakh riyals. Al-Motas Qutb, a member of the Saudi Anti-Fraud Association and an expert in IT crime detection, made the announcement during a channel program.

Qutb pointed out that in some cases the red heart and rose symbols make the recipient of the message uncomfortable. In such a case it would be considered a crime to harass them (mentally). Qutbi said strict action would be taken against both men and women if complaints were received in such cases.

When sending a message on social media or commenting on posts, even if there are signs and references that have sexual connotations, it falls within the scope of the crime of torture. Using false emojis on messages and comments in the new media is considered a crime just like touching the body. At the same time, Qutb made it clear that there is nothing wrong with using such emojis or symbols between two individuals except in the wrong context.

Expat passes away | Arrived home two days ago on new visa; Expatriate Keralite dies of heart attack

Expatriate Keralite dies of heart attack in Dammam The deceased has been identified as Shuhaib Kabir, 36, of Fazeela Manzil, Vattapara, Ranur, Vellore, Vellore. Shuhaib arrived home two days ago on a new visa.

The death comes as he seeks to establish himself in a new field of work. Shuhaib, who had worked for a long time for a private company in Al Kobar, returned home four months ago at the exit. Shuhaib, who went home with a new visa, returned on February 7. He is an activist of the Indian Social Forum.

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His wife is Shamila Beevi. Alfia Fatima and Adil are children. Shamila is four months pregnant. The body will be buried at a Saudi German hospital in Dammam. Indian Social Forum Dammam Kerala State President P.K. The procedures are being completed under the leadership of Mansoor Edakkad, Salim Kannur and Ali Mangattoor.

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